Inifinity Ward is up for this year's Call of Duty release, though what exactly the next in the shooter franchise will be has yet to be confirmed. There have been tons of rumors about it being Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 with several prominent leaks throughout the past several months, and now a new leak that looks to be the game's title screen is kicking up speculation once more. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it means much. 

The original image leaked came from Reddit user SwiftNL but doubt quickly spread once the post went live. According to the OP, the image seen below is a "dynamic & uncensored" loading screen and though looks convincing at first-glance, there is no evidence to support that it's not doctored and our own sources have said that it's a half-baked 'shop job at best. Take a look and see for yourself 

Got this in an Instagram group with producers from r/mw4

The original poster added a note talking about various outlets debunking his post, which prompted him to upload a more updated and "clearer" version. The update is still tilted and doesn't fall in line with developmental progress much at all. You can see the updated post below: 

Some developers have weighed in to say that the main menus of games is one of the last things to be finalized in games, which makes the dynamic art angle of the OP's original claims a bit unrealistic. There's always a chance it could be the real deal, though with the next entry into the Call of Duty franchise not expected until around October / November - it seems highly unlikely. 

Another indication that it's fake is that the initial post shows off Frost, which was a character from Modern Warfare 3. Though possible there could be returning characters from previous entries, it's another thing that seems a bit unlikely. Though the bit about Modern Warfare 4 being the next entry is highly probable - unfortunately, this leaked image ain't it, chief. Though if someone has evidence to prove otherwise, we are definitely all ears. 

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