Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 has been at the height of the rumor mill for a long time, and for good reason. With numerous leaks, insider reports, and just overall piecing together the social media team's teasers, the return of Modern Warfare seems inevitable. According to the most recent set of teasers, it looks all but confirmed: 

Given that the first clip features key members of the Modern Warfare crew, it's hard to take this as anything but what it has to mean: Modern Warfare. The latest tweets by Robert Bowling, the studio's community manager, paired with previous screen leaks, a secret event, and the cryptic "keep it simple" message from earlier this week seems to be the safe-for-landing message we needed. Now just to wait for the official reveal, with the date clearly featured in the original tweet's caption. 

We'll be learning more soon enough if the closed event is anything to go by. It looks like Activision is preparing to reveal what the next step for the Call of Duty franchise is. Are you hoping for a Modern Warfare 4, or something new entirely? Sound off with your Call of Duty desires over on Twitter by hitting us up @PrimaGames!

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