Why should Xbox 360 owners have all the fun?  That's apparently what Activision was thinking when it came to certain Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 maps.  Granted, they do have an exclusivity agreement, but that only lasts for so long…

Well, PlayStation 3 and PC owners, you'll be getting plenty more goodies starting next week.  The company has announced that the third content collection for MW3, titled the Chaos Pack, will be hitting both those platforms on September 13th…just a week away.

The pack comes with four new Spec Ops missions to challenge with a friend, along with three new Face Off maps and the newly added Chaos Mode, where all hell breaks loose, respectively.

The pack is free of charge to all Call of Duty Elite subscribers, but if you're not with that program, you can also pay $14.99 to snag everything.  Happy hunting!