Call of Duty: Mobile will soon be getting a release in the United States, as the title which combines various features from multiple entries in the legendary first-person shooter franchise in a single game begins to become available across the world. While players will have to wait until the official release of Call of Duty: Mobile to get their hands on the full product, the upcoming Beta for the game will allow players to get a taste beforehand. Fortunately, players can now pre-register for the Call of Duty: Mobile Beta to make sure they are one of the first to be able to jump into all of the action. 

The process to pre-register for the Call of Duty: Mobile Beta is not too tricky at all. Interested individuals only have to go to the game's official website and click the pre-register button. You will then need to fill out all of the required information which is asked of you. Once you have accomplished all of this, you will officially be pre-registered for the Call of Duty: Mobile Beta. 

An official release date for the Call of Duty: Mobile Beta has not yet been revealed.

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