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Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Pass Leaks Alongside Battle Royale and Zombie Mode Confirmation

by Liana Ruppert

Fortnite and PUBG have been dominating the battle royale mobile market but now Call of Duty and Apex Legends are coming up on their left to compete! While Respawn continues work on their upcoming Apex Legends mobile title, a new leak has given us an inside look as to what Call of Duty mobile will have to offer including a battle royale mode, zombies, and a shiny new battle pass. 

The Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass was leaked by Twitter user @Chaosxsilencer with a small video showing off the mobile experience: 

The Battle Pass has exactly what players would expect including tiered rewards and incentive to get more XP. The above video also shows off a Zombies mode and a Battle Royale mode, not unlike the game’s PC and console counterparts. It also runs very similarly to that of Apex and Fortnite’s Battle Passes, making it an easy buy for those super dedicated players. 

A form of loot boxes can also be seen, which is entirely expected give that this is how free-to-play titles can earn money to keep up support and make development worthwhile. 

With a limited beta that went live earlier this year, Call of Duty Mobile is expected to arrive on iOS and Android devices sometime this Summer. 

Liana Ruppert

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