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Call of Duty MOBILE Adds Fan-Favorite Gun Game Mode for a Limited Time

by Liana Ruppert

Call of Duty MOBILE has proven that the mobile genre has some kick to it with over a million downloads in just under a week. Now the teams over at Activision and Tencent are making it even better by adding the fan-favorite Gun Game mode to the mobile experience for a very limited amount of time. 

The Gun Game mode is available now and has mobile players all starting out with the same gun. Each kill means each player gets to advance to a better weapon with the endgame goal being the most challenging of weapons to master. The first player to get a kill with each weapon wins the match, making it highly competitive and worth every second.  

The Call of Duty MOBILE Gun Game mode is available for the entire month and is yet another way mobile players can earn some additional XP. There’s also the Free-for-All Mode and the normal means of play as well, giving players plenty of reasons to pick up this on-the-go experience. 

I played a few rounds when it first launched, which I’ve mentioned before, though I swear I’m playing against bots because I’ve absolutely dominated in every single round. MVP after MVP, which was strange but I’ll take the ego boost where I can get it. That, and I really haven’t been able to put it down which I quickly found out is awkward when I forgot to silence my phone and gunshots sounded out in a very quiet restaurant. 

It will be interesting to see what these strong mobile release numbers mean for other AAA franchises. It does beg the question though: If you could have any game ported over into a mobile experience, what would it be? Hit us up with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames.


Liana Ruppert

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