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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Will Have “Free Zombies Access Week” Starting January 14

by Jesse Vitelli

Today Activision announced on the PlayStation Blog and Xbox Wire that Treyarch’s Zombies mode would be available for free starting on January 14 through what it is calling the “Zombies Free Access Week.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Will Have “Free Zombies Access Week” Starting January 14

This will allow every PlayStation and Xbox owner to try out the Zombies game mode from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for free for an entire week. This is the first time in the franchise history that the Zombies mode will be free. Usually, it’s the competitive multiplayer mode. 

Zombies are a huge part of the Call of Duty fanbase and a great way to get into the series if multiplayer isn’t your speed. This free access week comes with three different modes for you and your friends to try out. 

The first mode is brand new for all Call of Duty players, and it’s called Cranked Zombies. You can read the official description from the PlayStation Blog below. 

“Just like in regular Die Maschine, you’ll be airlifted in with a weapon of your choice within a loadout. However, once the first Zombie hits the floor, the clock starts ticking away. Your Operator will automatically go down if they fail to kill another Zombie within a short period of time.”

The free access week also offers the PlayStation exclusive mode Onslaught, which is a fast-paced two-player Zombies experience. It’s vastly different than the traditional Zombies experience and an easy way to play with a friend if you don’t have a group of four. 

Of course, this free access week also comes with DIe Maschine, the game’s main Zombies map. You can read a little bit about the map below. 

“Based on the original Zombies map Nacht der Untoten, Die Maschine is the classic Zombies experience where up to four operators can drop in an attempt to survive the horrors that lie in wait. Work together by using dozens of weapons, lethal and tactical equipment pieces, shock-and-awe inducing Scorestreaks, and Field Upgrades, special loadout items such as an Energy Mine or an instant-heal through the Healing Aura that charge up from killing Zombies.”

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