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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War To Receive PlayStation Timed Exclusive Special Zombies Mode

by Jesse Vitelli

Fans of Call of Duty are no stranger to exclusive content based on which console you play on. It’s a marketing practice that actively hurts its player base especially as more games enable cross-play. 

For the last few iterations of Call of Duty, we have seen PlayStation get exclusive game modes and character skins, and it looks like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will follow suit. 

PlayStation announced today that Black Ops Cold War would receive the new mode “Zombies Onslaught” first on PlayStation for one year. Both the Xbox and PC versions of the game will not receive this mode until November of 2021.

You can watch a trailer for this new game mode down below.

You can also read the official description for Zombies Onslaught right here.

“Warning. Containment Breach. Dark Aether anomalies have infested familiar locations across the globe with hordes of the undead in an all new Zombies experience – Onslaught. Grab a teammate in this 2-player co-operative experience and fight off wave after increasingly difficult wave of zombies. You have one goal… survive. Fight hard enough and you’ll reap exclusive rewards. Experience Onslaught first on PlayStation.* *Not available on other platforms until Nov 1. 2021.”

It sounds like a fun mode, but the biggest problem with times exclusive content, especially for a game like Call of Duty, is that players will likely never experience it on other platforms. With annual releases, the chances of the next Call of Duty game being out before this content arrives on other platforms is high. 

This practice probably won’t stop anytime soon, which is a huge bummer, but hopefully, we see less and less of it as time goes on.

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