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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mission 6 – Vengeance

Sneak through the Café, kill the snipers at the Temple and find Kane.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

Fresh off the boss fight with Diaz in Mission 5, you proceed to Call of Duty: Black Ops Mission 6: Vengeance, where you encounter the 54 Immortals near the CIA safe house. Your primary objective is to meet up with Kane, but we’ll tell you how to pick up the Accolades along the way.

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Go to the Safe House

This mission sends you back to the Quarantine Zone and into another battle with the 54 Immortals. The goal is to extract Kane, so begin by sticking with Hendricks down the street and then into a building. 

You quickly encounter three 54 Immortals. Kill them without mercy.

Aggressive Accolade: When you see those three enemies, kill them when Hendricks says, “Give them what they deserve,” and before he fires a shot.

Proceed to the roof and then use the zip line to experience a breach. We suggest using your SMG to dispose of the enemies. 

Floor ‘Em Accolade: During the repel portion, slaughter all of the enemies before the slow motion effect goes away.

Access the Technical and use it to kill advancing soldiers. Pay special attention to the rival Technical and take out the gunner. When Hendricks opens the nearby gate, go with him into the alley. Beware of the sniper hanging out in the window at the end of this alley. 

Go into the butcher shop and take cover behind the counter. You’re free to rescue the civilians, but doing this will attract robots to your position. 

Now access the Armory and switch to a suppressed Sniper Rifle and a Control DNI tree. 

Head into the Café. This portion of Mission 6 contains multiple Accolades and you can take different approaches.

Eye in the Sky Accolade: Use the Control DNI to take over one of the three Talons and use it to destroy the other two. 

Like A Ghost Accolade: Use stealth to pass through this location while avoiding enemy detection. 

Show Off Accolade: Choose Recruit difficulty and then kill the snipers except one. Now kill this remaining sniper while wall running. 

Accolades aside, we’ll tell you how to complete this section without drawing enemy attention. Start off by going to the second floor and blasting the snipers on the roofs to the right.

Go back to the first floor and use the shadows to cross the street into the opposite building. You’ll discover three bad guys in here. One is on the first floor and two on the second. Take them down with melee attacks. 

Walk down the stairs to the first floor and leave the opposite side from which you came in to find a soldier in the alley and a sniper above his position. Shoot the sniper first, then hang out until the guy in the alley has his back to you. Hit him with a melee attack and go to the end of the alleyway. Melee the remaining guard and use the gate to leave the Café area. 

Cut Ya Accolade: Kill five enemies with melee attacks while in the Café area.

Go to the Vantage Point 

Stick with Hendricks and reach the top of the next building. 

Aerial Assault Accolade: Jump into the air and kill an enemy before your feet touch the ground. 

To the Shadows Accolade: Go through the Temple without alerting enemies. 

The Safe House Part 2 

When you reach the Temple, pull out the suppressed Sniper Rifle and clear the rooftops of snipers. Make sure you get headshots to avoid alerting enemies. You’ll see snipers in the Pagoda towers and one close to the long building. Take them out and then shoot the guard on street level. 

Stealth Double Kill Accolade: Equip your suppressed Sniper Rifle, line up two enemies and kill these guys with a single bullet. Headshots work best, but a powerful rifle allows for a bit of wiggle room. 

Pan the camera left and check the doorway to see one guard. Kill him, then go to his location and peak into the next entranceway. Take out the guard. 

Pass through this doorway but aim to the left to discover a guard hitting a civilian with a rock. Kill the enemy, then the next one to the right.

Head to the back wall and kill the guard, then use the shadows to proceed to the next section of the Temple. The exit is on the left. Look through the exit and kill the enemy on the street. Now interact with the double doors to meet up with Hendricks. 

Neutralize the 54i Combatants 

Now you’re in the middle of a firefight between 54i and police. Kill the snipers in this area. The Technical is a good option on Recruit difficulty, but on tougher difficulties you should stay behind cover and use the Sniper Rifle. Don’t worry about the ground war unless someone targets you. 

Counter-Snipe Accolade: Kill every sniper without taking damage. This is near impossible if you use the Technical’s grenade launcher. Use Tactical Mode to spot all of the snipers. 

When the snipers are dead, begin shooting enemies on the ground. 

Destroy the A.S.P. 

Unfortunately an A.S.P. tank joined the party. Concentrate your fire on the spinning section to bring down its defenses, then use the rocket launchers to blow it up. 

Go to the Safe House Part 3 

When the A.S.P. explodes, go through the bunker it appeared from. You spill out onto a street featuring another skirmish between 54i and the cops. Chill in the office building and pick off enemies from range. 

Bring the Pain Accolade: If you possess the Remote Hijack skill, hack one of the remote snipers and then register 10 kills with it. 

With the majority of enemies dealt with, drop down and new baddies arrive, one of which is a P.A.W.W.S. mech. Use Remote Hijack or blast it from range. Go to the waypoint when everyone’s dead. 

Now You’re Mine Accolade: Hack the P.A.W.W.S. mech and kill five enemies with it.

Go to the Safe House Panic Room 

Time to be the hero! Go inside the burning building and dispose of the robots; take your time. Move to the second floor and down the remaining hallway. Access the door and the mission ends. 

Mission 7: Rise & Fall is almost here! In the meantime, go to Prima’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Walkthrough for tips and collectibles.

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