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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mission 5 – Hypocenter

Head inside the Coalescence Corporation HQ, kill the A.S.P. tank and take out Diaz.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

This feature will tell you how to complete Mission 5: Hypocenter in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. You will explore the Coalescence Corporation headquarters while destroying robots en route to a boss fight with Diaz. 

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Go to the Facility Entrance 

You start the mission near the Coalescence Corporation HQ. It seems the 54 Immortals are as interested in this place as you are. 

If you have a suppressed Sniper Rifle, pick off multiple enemies without being seen. Otherwise gunfire will let them know you’re there and the alarm will sound. Whatever the case, focus your sights to the left and take down the snipers on the roof, then the other one across from this location. 

Two Birds with One Stone Accolade: Look for three soldiers chatting. Adjust the angle so you’re able to kill two of these guys with a single shot and pull the trigger.

Where’s That Come From Accolade: Providing you have a suppressed Sniper Rifle, continue slaughtering enemies and this accolade will eventually unlock. 

Remain on the hill and give Hendricks cover. After killing enough evildoers, go to the street and approach the parked Technicals. It’s important to kill everyone in this area before proceeding.

Patient Hunter Accolade: Kill seven enemies with the suppressed Sniper Rifle while avoiding detection. By now, you must know a suppressed Sniper Rifle is the best weapon to have right now. 

Caught You Napping Accolade: Kill all of the snipers on the roof in this area with headshots. 

Bombardier Accolade: Take out two bad guys with a rocket while you’re in mid air. We suggest equipping the Fire Rocket Launcher, waiting for two soldiers to show up, jumping and then letting these guys have it. 

Defeat the A.S.P. 

Proceed to the fountain and the A.S.P. tank springs to life, attempting to kill you and the 54 Immortals. Quickly go through the rooms in search of a XM-53 Missile Launcher, but don’t fire upon the tank yet because it has a shield. Bring down the shield by attacking the base of this vehicle. When you get the all clear, use the missile launcher. You shouldn’t need more than three rockets to blow up the tank. Now head to the front entrance. 

Search the Coalescence Facility for the Signal Beacon 

Follow Hendricks past the lobby to a door. Go into this next area and make note of the pit.  Kane will say something about a signal beacon, and you should approach the body and inspect it to gain new info. 

Descend into the Core 

Hendricks activates a mapping drone and jumps into the pit.  Follow him but be careful with your jumps. 

Go to level 8 and open fire on the enemies and Warlord. If you have Adaptive Immolation, use it on one of the soldiers close to the Warlord to set off a chain reaction. Ideally you should retreat back down the hallway and let these guys come to you. And if the Warlord gives you trouble, pester him with a Firefly Swarm. 

Push onward into the room with the trapped robots. Pass them by and head to the bottom level of the Core. 

Eliminate All Hostiles 

Suddenly a bunch of robots attack! Rely on Immolation to chain explosions. When the fight concludes, Hendricks opens the Core entrance. Carefully jump to the fan blades and then to the walkway. You won’t be able to see without the EV. Switch it on, then stick close to Hendricks and do not fall into the pit.

Go to the demolished office and swap your load out so you have an SMG. 

Go to the Signal Source

Regroup with Hendricks and engage the robots in combat. The fight will end sooner if you have Electrostatic Arc to deliver powerful melee strikes. 

Once the initial group of robots are down, avoid the legless droids hanging out near the floor. Instead of following Hendricks, move into the door on the left but do not melee these new robots unless you want to die. Blast them to pieces and then head to the rec room. Now hack the panel in the med ward.

Devastator Accolade: Melee attack five robots when you’re in the small room. 

Good Listener Accolade: Look for the computers near the rec room and listen to seven of Dr. Salim’s recordings. Focus your attention on computers with orange screens and blue keyboards. 

Leave the room you’re currently in and activate your EV. Oops! Radiation knocked it out. Hendricks lets you into the next room and you should go left. Robots will attack but your SMG will let you make short work of them. 

This left path spills into the central chamber, where more robots await your arrival. Let your SMG do the talking!

Take the exit at the back of this area and move down the hall. Thankfully your DNI is working again. Run past or kill the new crop of robots, then pick up the Sniper Rifle from the Mobile Armory. 

Disconnect Diaz from the Server System

Diaz is up to no good, but his robots won’t engage if you avoid the room. Let Kane and Hendricks expose a Cooling Tower and blast it with your Sniper Rifle. From there, activate Camouflage and sneak up to Diaz, then blow up the component. You’ll need to do this three times, so stick to the perimeter to shoot the exposed Cooling Rods while avoiding the majority of robots. 

Defend Hendricks

Blow up two Cooling Towers and robots attack Hendricks. Rely on your sniper rifle to take down the robots until Kane manages to expose the third Cooling Tower. Shoot it and then throw one final grenade. 

Special Abilities Accolade: During the boss fight, use Inferno to hit five robots at once. 

Get to the Surface 

Following the cut scene, it’s time to escape before the building collapses. Remain close to Hendricks and do not fight the 54i if you can help it. 

Reach the upper catwalk and take out robots with the Sniper Rifle. Now fall into the flooded computer room. Race to the broken door and open it with Hendricks. Enemies will show up during this process, both humans and robots, so take cover behind the crates to pick them off.

Hendricks will prompt you to approach the door and interact with it. Do this and then go to the next room. Destroy the robots and swim to Hendricks. You’ll wind up in the primary tunnel. Look up and shoot the Depth Charges from a safe distance. Keep swimming but focus on the going towards the red flare; press and hold the Sprint button. 

Mine-Sweeping Accolade: Blast 10 Depth Charges. 

Mercurial Accolade: Blow up the initial group of mines and then sprint to the end of the mission. You cannot take damage from a mine. 

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