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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mission 4 – Provocation

Find the 54i Servers, clear the Super Trees and destroy the Wraith.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

Mission 4: Provocation of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 sends you to the headquarters of the 54 Immortals. You will retrieve the Black Station data drives, access the Z-Trak line and jump off the Super Tree into the water, where you’ll kill enemies to earn one of several accolades. The mission ends with a bullet barrage aboard an Air Boat. 

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Get to Cloud Mountain 

When the mission begins, go into Tactical Mode and proceed to the market place. If you want, throw a grenade to the left side to damage some of the enemies in this area. Don’t move too far ahead until your robot buddies arrive. 

Now that you have the green light to proceed, use your shotgun to take out those pesky 54i. You’ll feel invincible until you reach the last area of the market and come face to face with a Warlord. Don’t worry. Take advantage of cover and blast him with the shotgun a few times. 

With the Warlord down, head up the steps and Remote Hijack the turret. 

Give ‘em All Nine Accolade: Hack the turret and use it to kill eight bad guys. If you fail, there’s another turret later in the mission, but killing the enemies won’t be nearly as easy. 

When the turret section ends, access the Mobile Armory to change your gear. 

Proceed through the sand-covered cave. Whip out your LMG and kill the enemies on the ridge, followed by the bad guys hanging out at the cave on the right. Head into this cave and continue mowing down enemies with the LMG. Exit the cave and look down at the town. Before moving forward, take out the rocket-wielding guy in the guard tower. 

Now control the turret with Remote Hijack and focus on the Warlord below. Once he’s dead, it’s OK to go into the town and pick off enemies. Reinforcements show up when you’re halfway through the place, and we suggest taking cover inside one of the homes, then wait for your robots to move in for the kill. 

The next section is full of containers, along with enemy robots and two Wasps. Remote Hijack one of these Wasps and then use it to blow up the remaining one. Now turn your attention to the robots below and use the Wasp to destroy them. 

Following this, you have a choice of going left or right. We went right because it’s the easier path. 

Go around the corner prepared to take on three drones. Similar to the Wasps, Remote Hijack one of these drones and then shred the other two. Now focus the drone on the remaining enemy forces. When the drone stops working, use your guns to kill whoever’s left. Keep moving through the containers until you come to a door. Enemies are in the process of sealing it, and to make matters worse a Warlord arrives. It’s you against the big guy, so use cover and the LMG to get the job done.

Robots will open the door and now you’ll deal with a P.A.W.W.S. Mech. Looks intimidating but it’s susceptible to Remote Hijack. Take your time and hack the Mech, then use it to slaughter remaining enemies. If for some reason you do not have Remote Hijack, blow up the Mech with the LMG. 

Bigger than You Accolade: Hack the P.A.W.W.S. Mech and use it to kill 10 enemies. Hack the Mech as close to it as possible, which makes scoring 10 kills easier. 

Locate the 54i Servers 

Go into the building and use cover to avoid taking damage from the robots. Carefully pop out and destroy them. 

The Pointy End Accolade: Wait for a robot to stand beneath the stalactite above the door, then concentrate your fire towards it so the stalactite falls onto the droid.

Take the steps to the second level and hack one of the mini-tank drones. Use it to kill enemy forces, then proceed onward, slaying baddies as you go. Head to the third floor and prepare to battle Riot Shield soldiers. Penetrate their shields with the LMG, then turn the weapon on the SMG carrying reinforcements and robots. 

Now you’re outside. Pull up your Tactical display to identify the grenade-throwing soldiers and make them all dead. After the last body drops, walk up the metal steps. Enemies straight ahead and to the right open fire. Use those stairs for cover and wait for the Talons to arrive. When they do, hack one and then crush the opposition. 

Go to the top floor of the Bio Dome and quickly take out the robots. Shortly afterwards, Remote Hijack a drone and use it to kill approaching enemies. 

Leave the Bio Dome and crouch while on the steps. When you’re at the top of the stairs, Remote Hijack one of the turrets in the server room, which lets you obliterate the robots coming out of the tunnel. 

Repelled Accolade: While in the server room, use the LMG to kill six bad guys as they descend into the room. 

Three for One Accolade: When you go around the corner at the top of Cloud Mountain, lots of robots appear. Destroy three with a single grenade. 

Consider changing your load out. When ready, hack the door and watch the cut scene.

Protect Hendricks

Hendricks is in trouble, sort of. Your objective is to cover him, but he won’t die unless you kick the bucket. We opted for the shotgun since it increases the odds of killing a few enemies with one blast. Blinding Swarm also buys you some time.

When the download finishes, kill everyone. Don’t worry if you die. This section of the game has quite a few checkpoints.

Hook Up to the Z-Trak Line 

When it’s safe to move, Hendricks leads you outside. Now activate the Z-Trak line.

Go to the Far Super Tree 

This section takes place in the Super Tree forest and features an assortment of 54i enemies. You may want to swap your load out using the Mobile Armory. Hendricks will take you to the first tree. Pan the camera right to see some drones. Immediately destroy them with System Paralysis.

Once you get to the second tree, enemies appear on the bridge. Crouch and go for headshots. While navigating across the bridge reinforcements zip line into the combat zone. It’s wise to slaughter them before they reach the ground. 

Make it to the other side of the rope bridge and engage enemies at the Super Tree, but don’t get too close. Utilize cover and hit them from range. Hendricks will eventually give you the chance to go one of two routes, straight inside or around the outside. Choose the latter. Pass by the crates on the left and keep your gun sights on the steps ahead of your position. You can also save bullets by shooting the explosive barrel nearby. 

Meet up with Hendricks at the top of the steps. Now there’s a Wraith and some drones to deal with.  Avoid its machine gun fire and rely on System Paralysis to defeat the drones. Eventually the Wraith disappears and you can move to Tree 6 or Tree 4; go to Tree 4. The zip line will take you there.

Action Hero Accolade: Slay enemies with a pistol while on the zip line. You need three kills and drones don’t count. 

Go to different trees and kill enemies in the way, paying close attention to the rear to avoid soldiers entering via zip lines. When you secure Super Tree 4, zip line to Super Tree 5 or Super Tree 6. If you want the direct approach, Tree 6 is the way to go. Otherwise continue exploring to earn more accolades. 

Lock down Super Tree 6 and then zip line to Super Tree 7. Immediately look right and go up the steps. 

Skeets Accolade: Kill three consecutive Talon drones with a sniper rifle. 

Air Superiority Accolade: Destroy the Wraith with a sniper rifle.

Clean Sweep Accolade: Take out all of the enemies guarding every tree in the area. 

Jump from the Super Tree 

Go to the second floor and look for an elevator shaft. Now repel to the top of the tree where the Wraith is. Instead of engaging it, run to the next waypoint and leap off the tree.

Secure the Dock

Now you’re underwater, killing enemies as you follow Hendricks to dry land. Exit the water and take cover. Identify your targets and shoot to kill. 

Up Periscope Accolade: Kill four bad guys while underwater.

Board the Air Boat 

Kill everyone on the dock and get on the Air Boat. Kane steers the vehicle, allowing you to do what you do best. Continue taking down enemies until the mission concludes. 

Wreckage Accolade, Vehicular Slaughter Accolade, Trick Shooting Accolade: Become a one-man army! Get on those Air Boat guns and blow up enemy trucks, guard towers and Talon drones. 

Bring the fight to Mission 5: Hypocenter! Don’t forget to pick up all of the collectibles in Mission 4: Provocation, then go to the free Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Walkthrough.

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