Bungie is Axing Legendary Shards in Destiny 2 Starting in Season 23

Bye bye.

During the weekly Destiny 2 blog post known as ‘This Week In Destiny, ‘ the team at Bungie announced that Legendary Shards are leaving the currency pool starting in Season 23. While this won’t immediately remove all things Legendary Shards, the process will be a bit more gradual.

Starting in Season 23, players will notice that the Legendary Shards cost for the Monument to Lost Lights will be gone. Moving forward, you will only need Glimmer, Spoils of Conquest, and an Exotic Cipher.

Shards will also be removed from ritual gear focusing. You will still need seven wins in Trials or Nightfall Ciphers to focus Adept weapons, but the Legendary Shards requirement will be fully removed. This is the same for non-Adept weapons, too.

Once the next expansion The Final Shape hits Destiny 2 in February, all remaining instances of Legendary Shards will be removed, and they will be yanked out of your inventory.

Dismantling gear will no longer earn players Shards, but instead, they will offer a bonus chance at secondary rewards based on the type of gear and how much it has been enhanced. You can read about this in detail in the official post.

The Destiny 2 Economy team cites the disparity between the community regarding newer players having fewer shards to catch up and re-onboard into the game.

“Some players have more than they would ever be able to spend, while others struggle to earn enough to engage with the systems that require Shards as a cost. This often made it hard to find Legendary Shard costs that would feel impactful to players, while also ensuring that the content that did require Legendary Shards could be enjoyed by all players, no matter how long, or how much they play.”

We will see how this massive change to the economy impacts new and returning players to the game. As it stands, Destiny 2 is a difficult game to come back to as it constantly changes. The Final Shape launches on February 27, 2024.

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