Halo 3’s Heroic Map Pack is available right now, this very second for absolutely no cost to your good self.

At no cost whatsoever you can now download the Heroic Myth Pack for absolutely nothing, that’s right; absolutely nothing. There’s no administration fee, no hidden costs and no service charge.

The pack includes 3 maps that all vary quite largely in terms of style so is well worth the, well, it’s free. Get it if you’re on Live, come on.

The pack had been promised some time ago to be released for free once the time for the release of the Legendary Map Pack nears. They’ve stuck to their guns anyway and the newer pack will be out on 15th April for the price of 800 Microsoft Points.

The Legendary Map Pack has another three maps that go by the names Avalanche, Ghost Town and something else we don’t yet know.

The Bungie website has a bit of an Avalanche vs. Sidewinder (the map from Halo it’s based on) comparison if you fancy a peep.