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Bungie Announces Massive Destiny 2 Power and Level Changes for Shadowkeep

by Liana Ruppert

Bungie just revealed that they are pulling a major power move ahead of Shadowkeep for Destiny 2, including a decision that affects all players both new and old. With each expansion for Destiny 2 comes a raise in a player’s Power Level cap. With Forsaken that was raised to 750 and then with Shadowkeep it will be raised once more. In an effort to show how Destiny 2 is very much back into the hands of players following the very public split from Activision, Bungie just revealed a huge way they are evening out the playing field for newcomers and veterans alike so that all can enjoy Shadowkeep together. 

In the latest Director’s Cut blog post over on the official Destiny 2 website, the studio gave some insight into how they are making Shadowkeep open for all. The response on Twitter has been insane, showing that the recent moves they are making are exactly what the current player base wanted as well as a solid reason for new players to give it a shot: 

They are also consolidating power resources, which has grown tremendously since launch – almost too much so. The use of power sources and Prime Engrams are being reduced, only dropping from Power Levels 750 – 900 and in a more controlled manner. Unfortunately they didn’t mention exactly how this was going down, but promised more info here soon.

World Drops are also boosting slot power as well as the return of Pinnacle Power Sources as well for those that are familiar from sources like Raids, the Iron Banner events (and the like), and Nightfall. 

Basically, there’s a lot changing and so far all of the mentioned changes have been met with a very positive reception online. You can read even more about what’s on the way right here through Bungie. You can also catch up with our Destiny 2 hub more to see what else has been revealed.  

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