Earlier this year, several Rockstar devs seemingly confirmed Bully 2 was the next big release coming down the pipeline from the Grand Theft Auto studio and now a new leak has emerged that reveals the upcoming game's rumor settings, including a college-bound Jimmy.

The latest rumor comes via Reddit claiming that players will "play as Jimmy. You're a freshman. University." The original poster added, "That's all I got told about that. That's all I wanna know, big Bully fan. Don't want any spoilers or potential [letdowns] from fake rumors." 

Some responded with their excitement, while others weren't shy about revealing their skepticism. One user replied, "I don't know about Rockstar reprising a main character, as that's never been the case for the GTA games. It would make more sense for them to start a new story in that universe if they wanted to keep the same type of tone of Bully. A college setting would make it a more mature game which really isn't want Bully was about, though that's just what I think."

Like with all rumors, take this with a grain of salt. Though it does fit the Rockstar IP, it's also very possible that it could be a different game altogether. We have no concrete proof other than a simple casting call description and some digging into the leak itself, but it does look promising for those that are hoping for a continuation following cancellation scares.

Still, a more grown up tale would make sense for a sequel. A familiar protagonist but a new enough setting for unlimited potential. What do you think about the latest Bully 2 leak? Plausible, or just grasping at straws? Hit us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames with your thoughts!