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New Grand Theft Auto Online Theory Says a Bully 2 Reveal Could Be Imminent

by Liana Ruppert

Another day, another Bully 2 rumor – this time thanks to a popular Grand Theft Auto Online theory. Though Rockstar has yet to officially reveal if the long-awaited sequel is on the way, plenty of rumors and leaks have suggested that it’s the next title up for the studio. So what’s the latest bit of speculation? It comes by way of Rockstar’s other mainstay franchise: Grand Theft Auto.

GTA Online sees weekly updates, which means there is constantly new files and news to unpack. Those updates oftentimes also include Easter eggs with the latest being an homage to Bully 2 at the Diamond Casino and Resort. In the in-game store, players can buy a “Canis Canem Edit” table skin. Doesn’t ring any bells? That’s the name that Bully goes by in the UK. But that’s not the theory, that’s just the root. 

For the skin itself, that could simply be an Easter egg – something this company is known for and is harmless enough. However, one fan dug even deeper to find a series of characters in Morse code to spell out: D-N-A-4. When that was further investigated, the spelling came out to BLY2 once broken down even further – which of course is a shortened version of Bully 2. 

Sounds pretty convincing, though one could argue that it’s also just another clever Easter egg. 

As with all rumors and theories, we reiterate what we always say when reporting on rumors: take them with a massive grain of salt. Though the latest theory seems promising, Rockstar themselves have yet to announce a sequel officially. Despite how likely one is, it’s important to keep in mind what has been confirmed and what is purely speculation. 

There has definitely been a lot of talk regarding the upcoming sequel. Previous rumors suggested that the game wasn’t cancelled and will instead feature a college-theme for our protagonist. A familiar protagonist but a new enough setting for unlimited potential. What do you think about the latest Bully 2 goodness? Plausible, or just grasping at straws? Hit us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames with your thoughts! 

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