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Bulletstorm, amongst other games showcased at E3

by Prima Games Staff

EA is showcasing a load of games at E3, with Bulletstorm, Need for Speed and FIFA 2011 included.

The lineup was revealed when John Schappert spoke to investors in a financial call today.

EA are also showcasing their Natal/Move lineup.

“We’ve only announced Tiger Woods for Sony Move to date. We have more announcements at E3, inclusive of demos of some of this technology,” said Schappert. “That said, we’re bullish on these new controllers and the new technology.”

“They’ll bring a lot of attention and new users to the market and breathe new life into the consoles.”

E3 will also feature Dead Space 2, Medal of Honor and a new Harry Potter game.

John Riccitiello, EA head, said he “not be happy until [EA] has taken leadership of the first-person shooter category”.

The show will also feature Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic (set for 2012) and Crysis 2.

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