During the PlayStation State of Play today, a new free update coming to Bugsnax was announced. Bugsnax: The Isle of Bigsnax is an all-new free update launching in early 2022. 

Bugsnax The Isle of Bigsnax Free Update Coming Early 2022

This update features a brand-new island that has emerged from the bottom of the ocean floor. In a release given to the press we got some more information on other additions coming to to Bugsnax alongside this update.

“The Isle of Bigsnax update will also bring new additions to Snaktooth Island. The grumpuses have finally finished your hut, and soon you will be able to complete challenges from your mailbox plus collect decorations to personalize your hut to make it the snazziest on the island. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will also be able to put hats on your favorite Bugsnax.”

Finally, we will be able to customize and decorate our own home on Nsaktooth Island. This was a heavily requested feature from the community and welcome addition. 

There seems to be plenty of new secrets hidden away in The Isle of Bigsnax and we can’t wait to see more from developer Young horses.

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