For those of you that were concerned that Ubisoft’s reboot Brothers In Arms: Furious 4 wasn’t on the show floor at E3 (or behind closed doors, for that matter), don’t worry.  The game has, in fact, not been cancelled.

Randy Pitchford, the CEO of the team developing the game, Gearbox Software, stated that the game won’t be coming in 2012 as originally intended, but by no means is it cancelled.

In fact, Pitchford was quite enthusiastic about the title, explaining how it “has evolved”.  “I think people are going to be surprised by what they see,” he stated.  “and it’s still evolving.  One of the reasons why we’re not talking about it now is that it’s evolving and we need to make further changes before we can start talking about it.”

Oh, yeah.  And let’s not forget about the other projects Gearbox has cooking up, including Borderlands 2 and Aliens: Colonial Marines.  Those might get in the way of evolution as well.

Hey, we’re just pleased that the game isn’t cancelled.  The more we see from it in the future, the better.

Look for updates on Furious 4 in the months ahead!