EA's Need For Speed film, which is being produced at Dreamworks Pictures, is literally picking up speed.  It's been announced that the project has found a lead actor for the film, and it's none other than Aaron Paul, who's been appearing in the hit AMC series Breaking Bad, as well as other productions such as The Last House On the Left and Mission Impossible III.

"Need for Speed is one of the most action-packed entertainment experiences you can find," said Electronic Arts EVP Patrick Soderlund. "The newest game, ‘Need for Speed Most Wanted’ and the upcoming film take the action to all new heights.

"Like the game series itself, the cast for the movie needs to be edgy and cool. Aaron Paul is a rising star -- a great choice for the film lead. We're looking forward to announcing the rest of the actors that will bring this racing franchise to the big screen."

The movie itself isn't based on a particular chapter from the Need For Speed series.  Instead.  George and John Gatins are developing an original story, one that will no doubt involve cars.

Look for the Need For Speed film on February 7, 2014.