Bravely Default Walkthrough – How to Beat the Dark Aurora and Achieve the First Ending in the Finale: Lying Fairy

The end of Bravely Default is within reach! We’ll tell you how to destroy Dark Aurora.

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Warning! The content below may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk! 

You’ll reach this chapter if you destroyed any one of the Vestal Crystals in the temples. Don’t get too wound up because you lost the introduction battle—it’s not meant for you to win. 

After the opening cinematic concludes, the team wakes up in whichever temple you shattered a Vestal Crystal. Head to the overworld to reveal your final destination: Norende. 

Make your way to Norende Peak to initiate another cinema. The scene reveals the final dungeon of the game: the Dark Aurora. Put your game face on and enter the portal!

How to Beat Dark Aurora

Item List 

  • Safety Ring (1F)
  • Megalixir (1F)
  • Life Ring (2F)
  • Lamia’s Tiara (2F) 
  • Black Belt (2F)
  • Megalixir (3F)
  • Heart Ring (3F) 
  • Blood Blade (6F)
  • Lordly Robes (6F)
  • Gold Hairpin (4F)
  • Ribbon (4F)
  • Aegis Shield (5F)
  • Lilith’s Rod (5F)
  • Brave Suit (5F) 

Enemy List (and Weakness)

  • Amber Horn: Earth
  • Nightmare: Earth, Light
  • Adamantite Shell: Water
  • Diabolos: Light
  • Spriggan: Lightning 
  • Mephisto: Earth 
  • Knight Dragon: Lightning 

Surprisingly, the last dungeon of the game is extremely streamlined, with the exception of tough enemies. Use our item and enemy lists so you don’t miss anything, or when you get stumped in battle.  

First Floor (1F) 

Follow the path and grab the Safety Ring from the chest along the way. Continue westward and snag the Megalixir at the dead end. Now enter the portal beyond the north passage to reach 2F. 

Second Floor (2F) 

On 2F, take either path since they both lead to the central area. Stay on the east side to discover a chest holding a Life Ring. On the opposite end of this chest (west) is Lamia’s Tiara

Two pathways can be seen below you. Move through the left one, where you’ll find a Black Belt.  Now proceed to the south-most path and take the warp to 3F. 

Third Floor (3F) 

Open the two chests as you arrive on 3F. They carry a Heart Ring and Megalixir. Next, move southward. You will stumble upon two portals on this floor. Take the west portal first. This will warp you to 6F, leading to a chest. Open it to claim a Blood Blade. Then return to 3F and take the south portal to arrive at 6F’s east side. 

Sixth Floor (6F) 

Move along the passage, passing a portal to your left. Head to the south end and grab the Lordly Robes from the chest, then proceed through the portal you passed by. This warps you to 4F. 

Fourth Floor (4F) 

Look to your immediate right and open the chest there for a Gold Hairpin. Either path below will lead you to the east side of 4F. Stick right on the east side to find a chest holding a Ribbon. Then, head north of the chest and go through the portal to warp to the central hall of 6F.  

Sixth Floor (6F – Central) 

In 6F’s central hall, there are three portals you can choose from. Take either the left or right warp first. Both will put you on 5F. 

Fifth Floor (5F) 

There are no twists around these corners on the fifth floor. Collect all the treasures here, which include an Aegis Shield, Lilith’s Rod and Brave Suit. When you’re done scavenging, return to 6F by going through either portal on this floor.  From 6F, take the north-central warp to reach the seventh floor. 

Seventh Floor (7F) 

When you arrive on 7F, save your game by talking to the Adventurer. Afterward, head through the north portal to reach the Altar of Darkness. There you’ll encounter Airy for the “final” showdown. For preparation, use this checklist below.

  • Insect Slaying (Special)
  • Fire Special/Weapon Move 
  • Spiritmaster (Level 11 or higher) 
  • Star Pendant Accessories
  • Stop Immunity Support Ability (Time Mage) 
  • Fire Magic/Summon (Firaga, Promethean Fire)  

Boss! How to Beat Airy 

  • HP: 202,500 +
  • Weakness: Fire
  • Family: Bug  
  • Form 1

For the first fight, you’ll be able to survive her devastating Slaughter blow using Templar’s Rampart. Guard your party every turn, and you’ll have little trouble in this fight. When Airy shields herself with Spike Guard, she will counter any physical attack. A Ninja will be able to evade and counter some strikes, but it’s safer to use all your fire-based magic at this point. 

Airy is capable of casting Stop and Poison, so you can easily fix or prevent these problems by casting Spiritmaster’s Fairy Ward early in the battle; with it, all your characters are immune to all status ailments for five turns.  

Form 2 

Airy’s second form is a powerhouse that unleashes a variety of magic attacks. Your best option is the Spiritmaster: Adaption will absorb any elemental threat (and cure your party in the process)—and Enigma will prevent any element damage. Use one character to apply either one of these spells on the entire party every four turns, and let loose on your fire attacks. 

At the end of the battle, Airy will regenerate herself, meaning she’ll fully recover her HP. Nothing has changed since the last form, so keep your Spiritmaster handy and your fire ready! 

Congrats! You’ve completed Bravely Default. Enjoy Ending “A.” At the end of the credits, you can save your game and return to the Vestal Crystal segment. Now go back and awaken all the crystals again in Chapter 8 for the true final chapter.  

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