Bravely Default Walkthrough: How to Beat Chapter 6 – A World of Echoes: Equal

How to get the Chest Key and beat all the temples again in Bravely Default.

Take your Bravely Default experience to the next level with Prima’s free walkthrough.

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You arrive on Grandship after the climax of the lengthy cinema. Inspect the purple orb nearby to get the Chest Key. Remember all those locked chests in the dungeons? Now you can unlock them! It’s highly recommended you go back and collect these nifty items. Here’s a full list of the chests, and where to find them. 

  • Grandship Engine Room (B29): Brave Suit 
  • Starkfort (Interior – 2F): Muramasa 
  • Grapp Keep (1F): Genji Armor 
  • Mythril Mines (B2): Genji Gloves
  • Underflow (1F – East): Genji Helm 
  • Central Command (48F): Chaos Blade 
  • Everlast Tower (3F): Wonder Rod
  • Vampire Castle (1F): Hadean Claws 
  • Lontano Villa (3F): Lustrous Shield 
  • Harena Ruins (B2): Air Knife 
  • Grand Mills Works (2F): Gale Staff 
  • Witherwood Woods (Interior): Longinus
  • Miasma Woods (Central): Death Axe  
  • Vestment Cave (B1): Luminous Robe 
  • Twilight Ruins (B2): Yoichi’s Bow
  • Florem Gardens (Central): Royal Crown 


You get some unfortunate news from Airy: All the crystals must be reawakened again. If that’s not enough, you’re required to defeat each temple boss for a third time. 

We assume you’re used to these bosses by now. That said, the bosses have more strength than the previous chapters. We recommend raising your magic defense, such as using Key to Your Heart (Performer), Fairy Ward and Greater Spirit Ward (Spiritmaster). 

You might also want to raise your physical and magic attacks for these battles to fasten the fight.  Little Devil (Performer) is a useful spell that raises magic attacks by 25 percent for four turns. This is of course if you’ve unlock the class. If not, you can raise magic offense with Fairy’s Aid (Spiritmaster Level 4).   

As usual, you can tackle the temples in any order, but we’re sticking to the original pattern. 


Boss! How to Beat Othros (Third Round) 

  • HP: 87,750 (Each Head) 
  • Weakness: Fire (Ice Head) Water (Fire Head) 
  • Family: Beast 
  • Rewards: Artic Wind, Bomb Arm 

Because its attack power has increased, play safe and cast magic-related defense (Little Devil, M. Defense, etc.). Use fire spells on the ice head, and water on the fire head. Work on one head at a time to avoid confusing your attacks.  

After the battle, release the crystal by tapping X following the button prompts. This opens up an interesting cinematic with Ringabel. After the event, make your way to the Temple of Water. Before entering this battle, equip your members with water-resistant items, lightning special moves and Aquatic Slaying. Then, enter the Altar of Water. 


Boss! How to Beat Rusalka (Third Round)  

  • HP: 87, 750 (Max)
  • Weakness: Lightning
  • Family: Aquatic  
  • Rewards: Turbo Ether 

Rusalka isn’t too much of an obstacle, even on the third round. As before, apply Examine under a character to keep track of the real form with the most health. A well-built Summoner can dismiss the clones quickly with Dues Ex. Use lightning-based offense, and try to defend the party when it resurfaces with Seep. 

Now with Rusalka down for the count, release the Water Crystal and follow Airy’s instructions by tapping X accordingly. With that out of the way, proceed to the Temple of Fire. 


Boss! How to Beat Chaugmar (Third Round) 

  • HP: 101,250 (Max) 
  • Weakness: Lightning 
  • Family: Demon 
  • Rewards: Reflect Ring 

Since you equipped yourself in a lightning-based matter from the previous battle, the only thing you’ll need to change is your special move to Demon Slaying (if you have it). Avoid attacking the creature while its barrier is up, and choose Default when it casts Transform; this way, you’ll brace the impact of its Energy Burst attack and reduce damage. Immediately after this, unleash all your lightning-based attacks before the barrier guards Chaugmar again. 


After you release the third crystal, the team insists on visiting Sage again. Fly over to Yulyana Woods Needleworks for a cinema. The Sage requests you to meet in Vestment Cave to the southwest of Yulyana Woods. 


Tiz joins Agnès similar to the previous chapter. Proceed to B3 of the cave and meet up with Sage. After some interesting dialogue, exit the cave and meet back up with your party. Then travel to the remaining temple. 

Note:Side Quest #13 will be available. Check the section after this walkthrough for more details. 


Enter the Altar of Earth for another fight with Gigas Lich. 

Boss! How to Beat Gigas Lich (Third Round) 

  • HP: 148,500 (Max)
  • Weakness: Light
  • Family: Undead  
  • Rewards: Giant Axe 

Although this is the same battle, Lich will heal himself more often this time with his Quake. Keep the hurt on him with all Holy attacks and cure spells. It will cast Death more frequently as well, so prepare for Phoenix Downs or Arise for those not equipped with Safety Rings. If you’ve got the Conjurer class (detailed below), you’ll be able to raise your magic and physical attacks with Dues Ex. Remember, having a Red Mage character or support ability can act as a second healer and attacker. 

With all four crystals released, the Holy Pillar appears on the World Map. Sound familiar? Fly over and enter the portal to initiate a cinema. There’s no Alternis this time around; instead, you’re introduced to Chapter 7, A World of Echoes: Dash.  


First and foremost, it’s recommended you take on this quest with high-skilled characters (Level 70, and maxed-job levels). 

Once you reawaken three crystals in Chapter 6 and talk to Yulyana in Vestment Cave, return to Yulyana Woods Needleworks. You will watch a cut scene where the team finds a note left by Sage. 

Return to Central Command and ride the lift to 47F, and then make your way to 49F. Ride the lift there to meet Sage in the Council Chamber. He gives you certain tasks; basically, you’ll need to defeat four bosses where more cinemas explain each corresponding character. The bosses and locations are below (the last one being a dud). 

  • Alternis: Central Command (48F), Edea’s Room. 
  • Braeve: Central Healing Tower in Eternia. 
  • Einheria, Mephilia, Aternia: Twilight Ruins (Hidden Village) 
  • Kobolds: Norende Ravine  

Once you’ve beaten each boss battle, return to Yulyana Woods and talk to Sage. This opens up a fight with him. He’s tough, considering his Meteor attack can knock down your party quickly. You need to plan your commands effectively and cautiously—avoid going negative in this battle with all your characters, keeping your healer intact when possible. 

For greater offense, The Dark Bane (Dark Knight) is efficient here, as well as Judgment (Valkyrie) and Berserk (Pirate). Templar’s Rampart can save you from his physical strikes. You will be recovering your members often, so get your Phoenix Downs and Arise (White Mage) ready!

When you defeat Sage, you’re rewarded the Conjurer asterisk. The Conjurer uses summon abilities to boost all your stats, and is efficient with any weapon. It can also replenish MP after battle. This is beneficial for leveling up, and becomes more useful at a later level.   

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