Bravely Default Walkthrough: Chapter 3—Beloved Bonds

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of the incredible amount of game to cover, this walkthrough will get you where you need to go and follow the main storyline. There are several features and side quests thrown at you on the course of the adventure (we loosely cover them). For more details, refer to our General Tips & Strategies guide, and be sure to check Prima for future updates. 


When you sail westward, you’ll trigger a cut scene and encounter a ship. Enter the Grandship to watch another cinema. 



  • Antarctic Wind: Upper Deck; southeast corner, on crate.
  • 1000pg: Upper Deck; northeast deck, on crate.
  • X-Potion: Markets; in front of the Trader Shop, on the wooden pedestal. 
  • Flame Charm: Drunken Pig Tavern; second floor, on the lamp. 
  • Bacchus’s Wine: Drunken Pig Tavern; far west wall in front of the barrels.

After chatting with the ship citizens, head north and ascend the stairs. Exit via the north passage to arrive in Grandship Markets and witness another cut scene. Here, talk to Zatz in front of the Armory Shop. When he leaves, head back to Grandship Upper Deck and enter Drunken Pig Tavern to the west. Speak to Zatz again at the bar, and he’ll join you on your venture to Eisenberg. 

Equip and set your party if need be, then leave the ship and head westward towards the map marker to arrive at the House by the Sea.  


When the conversation ends, exit the house to trigger another scene. Back in the overworld, head to the destination marker west of your location. Along the way, another cinema takes place where you meet the Commander of the Black Blades, Nobutsuna Kamilizumi. Following the cinema, make your way to Eisenberg (still marked on your map). 


Talk to Daniel Goodman, the Shieldbearer Commander. Afterward, save your game at the Adventurer, then leave Eisenberg and travel west. Follow the trail to Hartschild. 



  • Elixir: Behind Hartschild Inn
  • Gale Hairpin: Goodman Residence; just left of the entrance
  • Kunai: Northwest; in the corner of the second-floor bedroom

You can purchase new Magic Scrolls at the Magic Shop, which will be helpful for the challenges ahead (such as Reflect, Dispel Aerora, Gravity, etc.). Equip your party and rest up at Hartschild Inn. When ready, meet up with Datz in Goodman Residence and speak with Eleanor, the Commander’s wife. You’re introduced to another lengthy cinema. Following the cinema, leave town and return to Eisen Bridge. 


Talk to Commander Goodman. Goodman will request you to scout Grapp Remember where Swordbearers have positioned themselves. Save if you please, then leave Eisen Bridge and head for Grapp Keep.  


Upon leaving Eisen Bridge, Side Quest #7will be available. Completing this will win you the Pirate asterisk. The Pirate has high physical offense, starting out with Adrenaline Rush (higher defense and offense), and can perform Double Damage; twice as much to one foe. Their preferred weapons are axes. Follow these quick steps below. 

  • Before heading to Grapps Keep, return to the House of the Sea. 
  • Datz and Zatz will mention a ghost ship wandering the sea. 
  • Sail either south or north of the Grandship to discover a field of fog. 
  • This will trigger a cut scene: Choose to board the SS Funky Francisca. 
  • Defeat Captain Barbarossa. His weakness is lightning. 



  • X-Potion (1F)
  • 2000pg (2F) 
  • Locked Chest (2F) 
  • Turbo Ether (1F) 
  • Glaive (1F)
  • Rebuff Locket (3F)
  • Elixir (3F)
  • Bomb Fragment (2F)
  • Bacchus’s Wine (2F)


  • Mythril Shell: Water 
  • Succubus: Wind 
  • Carbuncle: Wind 

Go west first and claim X-Potion from the chest.  Ignore the stairs for now and take the east path. Activate the switch in the north-central section to unlock the west gate. Head through the new passage and ascend the northwest stairs. 

On 2F’s west area, open the chest for 2000pg.  Next, activate the lever in the area to open the central gate on 2F. Descend the stairs in the northwest corner back to 1F. Activate the lever here to unlock the east gate. Then return to 2F and descend the south staircase. 

Back on 1F, go north to find two chests (one locked). Open one of them for a Turbo Ether. Now head up the central stairs on 1F. Back on 2F, go north and descend the right-side staircase.

On 1F’s north-most hall, collect the Glaive from the chest.  Return to 2F and ascend the left-side staircase nearby. Following the cut scene, head through the west passage of 3F to find Rebuff Locket in the chest.  

Go to the east side for another cut scene. Find a hidden path in the southeast-corner wall (near the stairs) to find an Elixir from the chest. Next, descend back to 2F using the southeast stairs. 

Collect the Bomb Fragment in the chest beside the stairs, behind the east wall. From the stairs, go west and then activate the lever to unlock the central gate. Head north on 2F’s east side, then turn left to find Bacchus’s Wine

Descend the northeast staircase to return to 1F. Activate the lever to unlock the gate beside you. Then return to the entrance and ascend the central stairs ahead back to 2F. Ascend the stairs immediately south of you to return to 3F. 

Save at the Adventurer and ensure your party is at Level 35 before continuing. When ready, head north and examine the orb to trigger the boss fight.  


  • HP: 10,000 (each)
  • Weakness: Lightning 
  • Rewards: Fulmen Shard (x3) 

You encounter three of these inorganic beings. Rocket Punch can plow your entire party, but isn’t nearly effective without its Limited boost they cast. As they boost their attack, select Default to ease the strike. Use all your lightning combat here for offense. It is also useful to have a Knight for this fight, considering the character can withstand more damage to physical threats (and combine the Lightning Magic Sword support ability from Spell Fencer). 

Following the battle, the team will collect the Toxic Mist Sample. Return to Eisen Bridge and bring the sample to Commander Goodman. He’ll open the west gate for you, which allows access to your next stop: Mythril Mines. The cave entrance is northwest of Eiesen Bridge, and marked on your map. 


Upon entering Eisen Bridge, Side Quest #8 will be available. Completing this will win you the Performer asterisk. This character can boost your entire party’s stats in one turn, such as increasing your physical attacks. Follow these quick steps below. 

  • Return to Commander Goodman at Eisen Bridge.  
  • Speak with him twice to open up some selective questions. 
  • Select “What is that?” to point out Praline from the distance. 
  • Watch a cinema where your party retreats. 
  • Sail eastward and return to the Grandship. 
  • Talk to the Proprietress in Drunken Pig Tavern.  
  • Talk to man at the table in Drunken Pig Tavern, who mentions Ancheim. 
  • Return to Ancheim and speak to the man in front of the clock tower. 
  • Return to Caldisla, and talk to the old woman about her mentor.  
  • Return to Florem, and speak with the last pupil in the north plaza. 
  •  Return to Hartschild, and speak to the girl in front of the central fountain.
  •  Sail back to the Grandship, and talk to Proprietress to receive the Barton. 
  •  Bring the Barton back to Eisen Bridge, and speak with Commander Goodman.
  •  Choose “Do battle again.” 
  •  Defeat Praline. Recommended tactics are as follows: Valkyrie (Crescent Moon), Summoner (any spell), Dark or Red Mage (Thundara). 




  • X-Potion (B1)
  • Earth Drum (B1) 
  • Turbo Ether (B2)
  • Locked Chest (B2)
  • 1000pg (B2)


  • Succubus: Wind
  • Carbuncle: Wind Dark 
  • Mythril Shell: Water 
  • Black AxeFighter: Lightning 
  • Black Pikeman: Lightning  


Your goal in this dungeon is to rescue the enslaved Canary boys. Upon entering Mythril Mine, you’ll speak to a canary boy. Then you’re greeted to a Black Axefighter. Use lightning attacks to dismiss him quickly. Afterward, go west to encounter another Axefighter. Defeat him to save two more children. Don’t forget to open the chest nearby for an X-Potion

Go south and take the southeast path, leading to the third Axefighter. Defeat him to rescue two more canary boys. Next, backtrack to the path fork (north) and head down the southwest path. Pass the stairs and reach another chest holding an Earth Drum in the southwest corner. 

Two more Axefighters guard this side of B1; one northwest, and the other southeast. Dismiss the two in order to free four more canary boys. Then, ascend the nearby staircase to B2. 


Walk east to encounter another Axefighter. Vanquish him as before to free two more children. From here, go north to encounter a Dark Pikeman in the northeast (the same implies; use lightning-based attacks). With two more children free, you’ve got six more to rescue. 

Open the nearby chest for a Turbo Ether. Now backtrack south and turn left. Take the northwest path to fight another Pikeman, and to free two more canary boys (to the west is a locked chest).  Turn back south and take the first left path you see. Go left to discover a chest holding 1000pg. Then head south to discover another Pikeman. After defeating him, Tiz notes two more children need rescuing. 

Make your way to the west side of B2, and travel through the southwest path to discover the remaining Axefighter. After defeating him, all the children will be rescued. Head back to the north-central section of B2 and talk to the Adventurer. Save up and then exit Mythril Mines. Upon exiting the mines, a canary boy will mention another missing kid named Egil in Starkfort. Starkfort is north of Mythril Mines, around the mountains (marked on your map). 



  • Earth Drum: Near the large rock at the entrance. 
  • Stardust: On the ground in the small trail left of the Adventurer (east).  

When you arrive in Starkfort, you’ll watch a cinema. Tiz insists on rescuing Egil, while the others disagree. The shop to the east has all three inventory upgrades. We suggest purchasing new weapons and magic—it’s safe to be prepared. When you’re ready, head inside Starkfort Interior. 



  • 500pg (1F) 
  • Stardust 
  • Ice Charm (2F) 
  • Locked Chest 
  • Dragon Fang  (2F)
  • X-Potion (3F) 
  • Bacchus’s Wine (2F) 
  • Safety Ring (Hidden – 3F) 
  • Courage Ring (4F) 
  • Kunai (4F) 
  • Power Bracers (5F) 
  • Turbo Ether (4F) 

Starkfort is, for the most part, an optional dungeon. Still, you must find Egil to continue the story. You won’t be able to fully explore this dungeon until a little bit. Two side quests are also presented here, as well as some nifty items. We recommend coming back here after completing the Temple of Fire. We’ll collect some items along the way while we’re here. 


Head east and snag the Hi-Potion from the chest. Next, go to the opposite side (west) and claim 500pg inside the chest there. Afterward, go north to trigger a cut scene. The team insists on going east inside the fort. Ascend the northeast staircase to 2F. 


Stick left on 2F to find another chest holding an Ice Brand sword.  Now wrap around the wall and continue south, then west to trigger a cut scene, where you’ll find Egil. Now that we rescued Egil, we can bring him back to Hartschild. 


If you take the northwest staircase to 2F, and the following stairs to 3F, this will trigger Side Quest #9. This pits you against Salve-Maker Qada. We suggest coming back here once you’ve reached Level 45 or higher. Because of his Regen, he heals himself constantly—be sure to cast Dispel frequently. Defeating Qada earns you the Salve-Maker asterisk. With it, you can compound items (like Final Fantasy), and make them into much better ones. In other words, mixing a Potion and Echo Herb will restore both HP and cure silence. Of course, with every other class, more effects and abilities will be unlocked as you raise the Job Level. 


After you complete the Temple of Fire, you would’ve unlocked the north gate in Starkfort. Return there and reach 5F to face off with Nobutsana Kamilizumi. Any classes will work here—just make sure to balance each attack, while using Default to prevent massive damages once he counters. Defeating him earns you one of the best jobs: the Swordmaster asterisk. Their preferred weapon is a Katana, has essential defense and allows you to counter after being attacked with a powerful strike. 


When you arrive, Egil seems to know something about the Temple of Fire. Head over to Commander Goodman Residence, and talk to Mrs. Goodman for a cut scene. Follow Egil to the southwest staircase in town for another cinema. When your party wakes up, leave Hartschild and return to Mythril Mines. 


When you return to Mythril Mines, Egil will be ambushed by Black Swordbearers; a Black Blade, Axefighter and a Pikeman. As usual, dismiss them easily using lightning. Afterward, enter B1 of Mythril Mines, and descend down back to B2. Approach the north-most door (near the Adventurer) to trigger another cut scene. Egil will unlock the door for you, which leads to the underflow area. 


If you’ve got a decently-built Freelancer, be sure to switch to this job and equip the Dungeon Master Support Ability. This will prevent you from taking any damage from the lava that surfaces throughout the area. Watch your step! 


  • 1000pg (1F – East) 
  • Bomb Fragment  (1F – East) 
  • Bomb Arm (1F – East)  
  • Locked Chest (1F – East) 
  • 2000pg (2F – East)
  • Safety Ring (2F – East) 
  • X-Potion (3F)
  • Turbo Ether (3F)
  • Diamond Staff (2F – West) 


  • Demon: Light 
  • Magician: Earth  
  • Inferno Golem: Water 
  • Red Flam: Water 


The path to your immediate left is blocked by a large boulder, so head straight and cross over the boulders west. Follow the path and continue west. At the fork, go south and grab 1000pg from the chest. Return to the split and move northward. 

Make your way eastward, then south at the next branch. Stay left, and jog southwest to find another chest containing a Bomb Fragment (the other path leads to a locked chest). Next, go east from the top passage to discover a Bomb Arm inside the chest. Now make your way to the northwest corner of the area, and ascend the stairs to 2F.


Follow along the path, then turn south at the split. Take your first right at the split and grab 2000pg from the chest. Return to the north path and travel westward, all the way to the end. Go south from there and grab the Safety Ring from the chest. 

Backtrack to the north path and head south through the central passage. There, you’ll watch a cut scene. Once Egil is done talking, ascend the south stairs to 3F.  


You will spot a chest north of you, but the surface will crumble before you reach it. Bummer! Go west from here, only to witness another surface tremble before your eyes. Since we can’t catch a break, head through the south path, and move southeast to find a chest holding an X-Potion. After, turn around and take your first left (some more dialogue will ensue here). 

The north path will tremble, so head west and then north. Go right at the intersection and grab the Flame Charm from the southeast chest. Now jog through the path above you (on the right side). Follow it to the northeast corner, where you’ll find a Turbo Ether. When done, travel back west, and descend the northwest stairs to land on 2F (West). 


This is a new area that we haven’t explored. Begin by going south at the first branch, and stick right then jog south to find the Diamond Staff inside the chest. Return to where you entered and begin traveling west. Run down all the way to the west end and then go south. Take your first right (the other paths will tremble) and follow it down to the bottom portion of 2F. 

Go east from there, then go north to discover a Flare Hatchet. Now make your way to the far-west side of the area and jog north. The path leads to a chest in the northwest corner that contains a Gale Bow. We’ve done everything on this floor, so proceed to the southeast corner and descend the stairs there to land on 1F (West). 


Head towards the marker on your map. There, you’re treated to a cinema. Following the cinema, enter the Temple of Fire via the north passage (marked on your map). 



  • Flametongue 
  • Iceflame Shield 
  • Turbo Ether 
  • Elixir (Hidden Chest) 


  • Demon: Light 
  • Magician: Earth  
  • Inferno Golem: Water 

Loop around the west wall and open the chest for a Flametongue sword. Travel east and you can find an Anchorite Sage. Withstanding his attack will earn you the Promethean Fire summon (equipping the flame-resistant equipment will help here). 

In the southeast corner, open the chest for an Iceflame Shield. Next, head north and turn right (over to the northeast corner), and grab the X-Potion from the chest. Head in the room west of you to claim a Turbo Ether. Afterward, go through the narrow passage on the far-west wall (northwest). Hug the left wall at the bottom to reveal a hidden passage, leading to a chest. Open it to receive an Elixir. 

When it’s all said and done, head over to the Adventurer and save up. Ensure your party is at Level 40 for the upcoming battle. Enter the Altar of Fire to battle Chaugmar. 


  • HP: 40,000 
  • Weakness: Lightning 

Don’t bother attacking Chaugmar while his barrier is present; both physical and magic attacks won’t do a thing. If you’ve already acquired the Salve-Maker asterisk, building compound attack items (lightning-based) can be efficient. If not, guard your party with Default, and wait for Chaugmar to use Transform; this phases off his barrier, but be prepared for his ultimate threat, Energy Burst, on its following turn. The Energy Burst is capable of taking out your whole party. To be safe, Default all your characters immediately after it releases the barrier. 

After you defeat Chaugmer, you’re required to awaken the Fire Crystal. As before, tap X repeatedly when prompted. Doing so will gain you another support ability slot. Head back to Underflow’s entrance to initiate a cinema: Mythril Mines is now clear of lava, leaving the party safely to navigate through.  Exit the mine and return to Eisen Bridge, and speak with Commander Goodman. Once he hears the good news, he’ll suggest you rest. 

Return to Hartschild to witness another cut scene. Afterward, head inside Goodman’s Residence and speak to Eleanor. When you’re done chatting, set sail and return to the Grandship—the team needs info on the Earth Crystal.


Head inside Drunken Pig Tavern. Talk to the man at the far west table, who informs our team that Caldisla Inn is going out of business. We’d better go check on the innkeeper! 


Sail back to Caldisla (marked on your map). Enter Caldisla Inn, and speak to the town girl inside. The team will check on Innkeeper Kari, then mention Caldisla is a good place for Egil to stay. Now sail back to Hartschild, and chat with Egil at Goodman Residence. Egil agrees to spend time with Innkeeper Kari. Bring him back to Caldisla. Enter Caldisla Palace and speak with the King. Here, you’ll be greeted to a series of cinemas. 


A new Sidequest is presented after you bring Egil to Caldisla at Hartschild. Go there, an enter Goodman Residence. A cinematic will take place. You will battle Konoe Kilkyo after the series of scenes. Use standard attacks when she casts Evade, then follow up with your superior abilities. Winning grants you the Ninja asterisk—one of the coolest and best classes in Bravely Default. With it, you’re capable of executing strong attacks (with Duel Wield), and increase the character’s evasion. Not only that, but it comes with an extremely helpful ability: Utsusemi, which allows you to evade one attack per turn. The abilities and features of course increase each Job Level.  


Hints for the Temple of Earth lead you Grandship’s engine room. Sail back to the ship. When you arrive, you’ll speak with Proprietress; she mentions she’s got a treat for you. Head inside Drunk Pig Tavern to watch a cut scene. 

Following the scene, head up to Grandhship’s Markets, and enter Grandship Bridge (from the northwest stairs). There, the team discovers the engine room door, but also realizes Egil seems to have the key to it. It’s time to sail back to Caldisla. 

Note: In Grandship Bridge, there’s a Zeus’s Wrath under the patio and a Turbo Ether near the telescope. 

Head inside Caldisla Inn, and Egil will give you the Orichalcum. Now return to Grandship, and head to the bridge. Inspect the engine room door; it will open. Head inside for the final dungeon of this chapter. 



  • 1000pg (B27) 
  • Antarctic Wind (B27)
  • Turbo Ether (B28)  
  • Gold Hourglass (B28) 
  • Cross Axe (B28 – East)
  • 2000pg (B28 – East) 
  • Trident (B29) 
  • Locked Chest (B29) 
  • Hammer Mace (B29) 
  • Raikiri – (B29) 
  • Bacchus’s Wine (B29) 
  • Megalixir (Core) – Hidden Chest 
  • Barrier Shroud (Core) 
  • Artic Wind (Core) 


  • Monodon: Lightning 
  • Dark Stomper: Wind 
  • Zombie Shark: Lightning, Light
  • Remora: Lightning 


When you enter, go east and follow the path. You will pass a gate. Move south from here to find a staircase. Ignore it for now and head westward.  Grab the 1000pg from the chest, then continue west. A second staircase will be found in the southwest corner. Go north from the stairs, and open the chest for an Antarctic Wind. You have two stairs available leading to B28. Descend the southwest stairs first. 


Go east and grab the Turbo Ether from the chest. Next, head north and discover another chest in the northwest corner for a Gold Hourglass. Now, head east (from the top path) to find another staircase. Ascend them back to B27. 


You arrive in the central corridor o B27. Activate the lever here to open the northeast gate on B27. Then, head back down the stairs to B28, and ascend the southwest stairs. Back on B27’s southwest area, descend the southeast stairs to reach B28’s east side. 


Run past the north stairs, and loop around the wall. Go south at this split to find a Cross Axe inside the chest. After, go back north and turn left. Open the chest there for 2000pg. Then,descend the northeast stairs leading to B29. 


On B29, run south and pass a locked chest. Stick left as you move southward, and open the chest to claim a Trident.  Backtrack north, and then go west at the top path. Stop in the south room to find a Hammer Mace inside the chest. 

Now work your way to the west side of B29. Go south at the first split, leading to chest holding a Raikiri sword. Going east of this section will reach a chest holding a Bacchus’s Wine. Take the nearby central path southward, and ascend the stairs there to return to B28. 


You reach a new corridor on B28. Ascend the stairs ahead to return to B27. Activate the lever to open the north gate on B27. With the second gate opened, make your way back to B29, and ascend the northeast staircase. From B28, head up the south stairs leading back to B27. 


Now that you’ve unlocked the gate on B27 (northeast), you can use the lift. Trigger the lift lever and ride it down to the Engine Room Core. 


In the core area, go south and stay left to find a chest. Inside is an Arctic Wind. Then, head through the bottom corridor. There’s a hidden passage roughly in the center of the south wall. Follow it west, leading to a chest containing a Megalixir. Now move along the west side of this floor. Pass the Adventurer, and discover a chest in the northwest corner. Open it for a Barrier Shroud

When you’re all set, save at the Adventurer. We recommend being at Level 40 for the upcoming battle. Equip any abilities and accessories that nullify Poison and Silence (White Cape, Star Pendant). When ready, inspect the heart of the ship and face the boss, Behemoth. 


  • HP: 60,000 +
  • Weakness: Lightning 

This is one lengthy battle, but shouldn’t be a problem with the right setup. Behemoth’s weakness is lightning, so a good idea is to combine any abilities relating to Thunder (such as the Magic Sword, Special Move Aquatic Slaying).  An experienced Valkyrie will be extremely helpful here, since you can combine Sword Magic with its spear weapon, and then perform the High Jump, resulting in 4000 + damage!  We also suggest the Knight or Ninja for high physical damage (and defense), and a Red or Dark Mage for Thundara attacks. Be cautious of its Venomous Bite, considering it can not only poison members, but also knock down a character.  

With Behemoth defeated, you’ll meet up with Datz. You then gain control of the Grandship. And who knew—it can fly! An upgrade from your previous airship, you can pretty much land in any-given open area. When you land in water, you’ll be able to travel by sea using the Eschalot airship.  Tap the Grandship icon to renter the ship. 

With your new toy, fly over to your next destination mark (the southwest continent). You’re treated to a cinema along your travel. After the landing, witness a cut scene. Then and there, Chapter 4: Black and White begins.  

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