Bravely Default Side Quest Walkthrough – How to Get All the Optional Jobs

We'll help you defeat King Khamer, Summoner Mephilia and other bosses to achieve fortune and glory.

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You will find out rather quickly when you get towards the end of Bravely Default that completing side quests are just as important as completing the game. Each one of these side quests unlocks a job you can use with your characters. Who wants to miss out on these glorious jobs? They pay well. 

Remember, you can technically have two jobs assigned to a character—one with a job command—the other with support abilities and/or fixed command. The beauty is you can customize each character uniquely and slaughter foes in ways only you can imagine. 

This guide covers all the side quests that grant you every optional job in the game. The scenario usually tends to be the same: defeat a boss to earn the asterisk (though some are more complex than others). If you happen to miss these quests at the start, you have the opportunity to snag them in later chapters, but be advised, the battles are tougher. 

Here, we give you some additional tips on defeating the asterisk carriers. Most of these bosses don’t necessarily have a weakness, so it’s best to use your finest offense, unless noted otherwise.  The story-related ones have already been covered in our free walkthrough—you can’t miss them. Finally, standard-RPG rules apply: level up your characters and jobs beforehand to give you an edge. 

Happy job hunting!

Side Quest #1: Thief Asterisk 

  • Location: Herana Ruins   
  • Timeframe: Chapter 1
  • How to Unlock: Defeat Khint and Jackal

Visit Khamer Profiteur at the Merchantry building on the east side of Ancheim.  After listening to him, exit the building. Speak to the man at the well nearby, who mentions the Oasis. Exit town and head to the Oasis, just west of Ancheim. 

You will meet a townsperson looking for water there. Afterward, chase after the thieves west of the Oasis. Enter the cave to Herana Ruins. Bypass the booby-traps carefully, as they’ll blind your party (Freelancer’s Dungeon Master can prevent the effects). 

Once you reach the end of the dungeon, you’ll battle Jackal and Khint. Khint will cast Silence, so equip Silence Immunity (Black Mage Level 6) or a White Cape accessory, and deal with him first. Then keep the hurt on Jackal and stay aggressively, because he’ll steal your potions and heal himself near his demise.   

Side Quest #2: Spell Fencer and Time Mage Asterisks 

  • Location: Ancheim    
  • Timeframe: Chapter 1
  • How to Unlock: Defeat King Khamer and Khint. 

Once you’ve completed the Temple of Wind (and completed the Thief side quest), enter Ancheim at night and head inside Grand Mill Works.Venturing through here leads you to the top of Ancheim. Cross the bridge and then enter Ancheim Palace’s top floor. There, you’ll meet King Khamer and Khint again. 

Khint acts the same, and casts Silence like before. Use the same steps as the previous encounter, expending silence-resistant equipment or abilities, but concentrate on King Khamer first—his earth attack and buff support can mess the flow of your party—and also boost Khint’s offense. Try your best to eliminate the King as fast as possible, because you’ll often fix your party’s stats while he’s around. 

Side Quest #3: Merchant Asterisk 

  • Location: Ancheim    
  • Timeframe: Chapter 1
  • How to Unlock: Defeat Khint and Profiteur 

After earning the Thief job, return to Ancheim and talk to Profiteur. Here, you’ll be pitted against Profiteur and Khint. Again, any silence-resistant abilities or accessories will avoid Khint’s Silence. Profiteur, on the other hand, is a royal pain. It’s advised to take out Khint first while using your White Mage to heal or revive your party. Profiteur’s Takeover attack is painful, so bring a Level 5 Black Mage with Damage Dispersion; this reduces and extends the damage across all four of your characters when attacked individually.   

Side Quest#4: Summoner Asterisk 

  • Location: Florem Gardens  
  • Timeframe: Chapter 2
  • How to Unlock: Defeat Summoner Mephilia 

Once you return to Florem after visiting the Temple of Water, speak to the Armory Owner.  Afterwards, exit Florem and head to the mountains southwest. There, you’ll find a girl seeking a hairpin. Save her from the monsters. A new blue blip is marked on your map after completing this. Proceed there and enter Florem Gardens. When you reach the end of this area, you’ll battle Summoner Mephilia. 

Thunder spells will be effective against her and her minions. If you’re using a Spell Fencer or Dark Mage, you’ll deal moderate to great damage. When she summons her beast, Girtablulu, look out—it draws between 300 to 500 (or more) damage on your party. Keep a turn for your healer and raise some BP to prepare for this.   

Side Quest #5: Ranger Asterisk 

  • Location: Florem, Treetop  
  • Timeframe: Chapter 2
  • How to Unlock: Defeat Ranger Artemia

Speak to Lady Matriarch in Florem Plaza after you complete the Temple of Water. This quest triggers a series of conversations you need to engage in. Follow these steps below. 

  • Exit Matriarch Hall and speak to the young chick nearby. 
  • Head to Florem’s entrance and talk to the Traveling Merchant.
  • Head back to Florem Plaza and talk to the young girl once more. 
  • Speak to the Trader Clerk at the Trader Shop. 
  • Exit Florem and head for the blue blip on your map—you’ll meet up with the Traveling Merchant in the grassy field.  
  • Easily defeat the Legion Impaler and Legion Mage with lightning-based attacks. 
  • Follow the Traveling Merchant to the next blue marker northeast, leading to Treetop. There, you’ll battle Ranger Artemia. 

Fire is your best bet. First, get rid of her minions—Thundara will take care of them quickly. If you’re using a Spell Fencer, use your Sword Magic with Fire (and Firewall, if you have it).  Be ready to cast Raise or use Phoenix Downs when she launches her Multi-Burst attack that will most likely KO a member or two. 

Side Quest #6: Red Mage Asterisk 

  • Location: Florem 
  • Timeframe: Chapter 2
  • How to Unlock: Defeat Dandy DeRosa 

Return to Florem after completing Twilight Ruins.  Chat with Dandy DeRosa in front of the Scroll Shop. After the argument with DeRosa and Ringabel, rest at Florem Inn. When you wake up, you’ll watch another cinema. Leave Florem and then return at night. Go to Florem Plaza to meet DeRosa again. Another cut scene ensues. 

You will have to repeat these steps several times before you see other gal near DeRosa, freaking out about her hair. Talk to her and then approach DeRosa again.  Edea will set up a trick on DeRosa, and the team will find a hidden passage to DeRosa’s lair, thanks to a scrap of a bikini. 

DeRosa is a tricky boss that will cast multiple status infringements, such as Charm, Fear and Dread. These can be a devastating mess, so prepare your White Mage to cast Esuna and have Remedies at hand, or better yet, equip Rebuff Lockets and Courage Rings. Fire does a decent amount of damage, and if you have Bomb Fragments, they usually deal 500 damage each time. Be aware that DeRosa tends to heal himself a lot, so you’ll have to chain your attackers with Brave before he fully regenerates. 

Side Quest #7: Valkyrie Asterisk 

  • Location: Witherwood (North Hidden Village)  
  • Timeframe: Chapter 2
  • How to Unlock: Defeat Valkyrie Einheria 

After you visit Sage in Yulyana Woods, return to Florem. A red soldier will bump into your team as you enter. Follow them to Witherwood, which will be marked with a blue icon near the north lake. Reaching the end of the Witherwood area, you will discover the North Hidden Village, triggering a fight with Valkyrie Einheria. 

Einheria’s Crescent Moon can be troublesome because it targets your entire party. Have your healer ready after this strike (Protect can help, but not by much). Her Jump technique is even worse; she’ll disappear for a moment and come crashing down with a devastating blow. While she hops in the air, guard all characters with Default to reduce damage. Towards the end of the fight, she’ll cast Spirit Barrier on herself, which reduces her MP instead of HP when assaulted. Wait until this wears off before attacking again. The barrier usually diminishes after she switches to her Jump strike.  

Side Quest #8: Pirate Asterisk 

  • Location: SS Funky Francisca 
  • Timeframe: Chapter 3
  • How to Unlock: Defeat Captain Barbarossa 

Speak to Commander Goodman at Eisen Bridge after visiting Hartschild. Before heading to Grapps Keep, return to the House of the Sea. Datz and Zatz will mention a ghost ship wandering the sea. Sail north of the Grandship to discover a field of fog. This will trigger a cut scene: Choose to board the SS Funky Francisca, where you encounter Captain Barbarossa.

We recommend having a well-built Ranger, White and Dark Mage. Another good idea is to assign a Spell-Fencer with Sword Magic and add Thundara to the user’s blade, because Barbarossa hates lightning. Cast Damage Dispersion with your Black Mage or select Default to some members when possible, as his Double Damage can knock down a character in a heartbeat. 

Side Quest #9: Performer Asterisk 

  • Location: Eisen Bridge  
  • Timeframe: Chapter 3
  • How to Unlock: Defeat Praline 

After completing the Grapp Keep dungeon, you’ll trigger a side quest that involves several conversations. Refer to the steps below to reach the boss. 

  • Return to Commander Goodman at Eisen Bridge.   
  • Speak with him twice to open up some selective questions.  
  • Select “What is that?” to point out Praline from the distance.  
  • Watch a cinema where your party retreats.  
  • Sail eastward and return to the Grandship.  
  • Talk to the Proprietress in Drunken Pig Tavern.   
  • Talk to the man at the table in Drunken Pig Tavern, who mentions Ancheim.  
  • Return to Ancheim and speak to the man in front of the clock tower.  
  • Return to Caldisla and talk to the old woman about her mentor.   
  • Return to Florem and speak with the last pupil in the north plaza.  
  • Return to Hartschild and speak to the girl in front of the central fountain. 
  • Sail back to the Grandship and talk to Proprietress to receive the Barton.  
  • Bring the Barton back to Eisen Bridge and speak with Commander Goodman. 
  • Choose “Do battle again” to fight Praline. 

Praline is a problem because she’ll boost her soldiers’ attack power that can severely injure your party. It’s a good idea to take her henchman out, but note that she’ll summon more of them throughout the fight. The remaining soldiers are easier to take down and have less HP. Lightning and other strong attackers can help, but if you acquired the Valkyrie asterisk, Crescent Moon can plow through them all quickly.  

Side Quest #10: Salve-Maker Asterisk 

  • Location: Starkfort 
  • Timeframe: Chapter 3
  • How to Unlock: Defeat Qada

When you reach Starkfort, ascend the stairs on the west side of 1F. You’ll meet Dr. Qada a couple floors up. Qada is one of the toughest enemies in the game, but the key to winning this battle is using Dispel—this will prevent him from constantly recovering his health when he uses Regen. To prepare, equip your party with Star Pendants to avoid getting poisoned. A Level 9 Freelancer can avoid this by using Poison Immunity

Side Quest #11: Swordmaster Asterisk 

  • Location: Starkfort 
  • Timeframe: Chapter 3
  • How to Unlock: Defeat Nobutsana Kamilizumi

After you complete the Temple of Fire, return to Starkfort and head to the top floor by going through the north-central path on 1F. There, you’re challenged by Nobutsana Kamilizumi. Kamilizumi counters every attack, so if you balance your party by two attackers and guard the rest before he strikes, you won’t revive frequently. (We actually found getting the Ninja job first and then tackling this boss was easier, because you can play fire with fire, both countering and evading his attacks with Utsusemi).  

Side Quest#12: Ninja Asterisk 

  • Location: Goodman Residence (Hartschild) 
  • Timeframe: Chapter 3
  • How to Unlock: Defeat Konoe Kilkyo 

When you bring Egil to Caldisla, return to Hartschild. Enter Goodman Residence. A cut scene will take place, relating to Clue. You will then battle Konoe Kilkyo. Utsusemi will allow her to counter physical strikes, so use magic to dodge the chance of her attacking you after inputting the command. Because of her strong counter-strikes, you’re better off bringing a highly-defensive class such as the Knight, and of course a White Mage to repair injuries.     

Side Quest #13: Vampire Asterisk 

  • Location: Vampire Castle 
  • Timeframe: Chapter 4
  • How to Unlock: Defeat DeRosso 

Go to Vampire Castle by taking the west path of Command Central’s trail. When you arrive, you’ll speak to DeRosso at the entrance. He’ll tell you that you need to find six keystones to unlock Vampire Castle’s gate. The locations are scattered throughout the overworld. 

For each one you examine, you’ll be pitted against a corresponding magic dragon. Equip the appropriate elemental-resistant items and abilities, then go off dragon slaying. Having the Spiritmaster’s Adaption and/or Enigma are extremely helpful in these battles, making you immune to several elemental attacks—or can reduce damage overall.    

Earth Keystone: At the lake, southwest from Eternia. Defeat the Ladon dragon. (Weakness: Wind)

Wind Keystone: Just west of Ancheim; defeat the Wyvern Dragon. (Weakness: Fire)  

Fire Keystone: Immediately west of Grapp Keep; defeat the Salamander dragon. (Weakness: Water) 

Light Keystone: Beyond the grass field northeast of Yulyana Needleworks. Defeat the Shinryu dragon. (Weakness: Dark) 

Water Keystone: Just north of Yulyana Needleworks, on a half-frozen island. Defeat the Mizuchi dragon. (Weakness: Lightning)

Dark Keystone: On the land strip behind Lantano Villa. Defeat the Jabberwock dragon. (Weakness: Light). 

With all dragons defeated and keystones gathered, return to Vampire Castle. Venture through the dungeon to reach DeRosso. The majority of his attacks are physical; use some defensive classes (Knight, Templar) and evading or countering abilities (Ninja, Swordmaster). To survive the battle, Templar’s Rampart can guard your entire team. Try to cast it each turn. 

Side Quest #14: Conjurer Asterisk 

  • Location: Yulyana Needleworks  
  • Timeframe: Chapter 6
  • How to Unlock: Defeat Sage Yulyana

Once you reawaken three crystals in Chapter 6 and talk to Yulyana in Vestment Cave, return to Yulyana Woods Needleworks. You will watch a cut scene where the team finds a note left by Sage.  

Return to Central Command and ride the lift to 47F, and then make your way to 49F. Ride the lift there to meet Sage in the Council Chamber. He gives you certain tasks; basically, you’ll need to defeat four familiar bosses to further the quest’s storyline. The bosses and locations are below (the last one being a dud).  

  • Alternis: Central Command (48F), Edea’s Room. 
  • Braeve: Central Healing Tower in Eternia. 
  • Einheria, Mephilia, Aternia: Twilight Ruins (Hidden Village) 
  • Kobolds: Norende Ravine  

Once you’ve beaten each boss battle, return to Yulyana Woods and talk to Sage. This opens up a fight with him. He’s tough, considering his Meteor attack can quickly knock down your party. You need to plan your commands effectively and cautiously—avoid going negative in this battle with all your characters, keeping your healer intact when possible.  

To win, you’ll need some strong attackers that can man-up to him. The Dark Bane (Dark Knight) is efficient here, as well as Judgment (Valkyrie) and pretty much anything-Pirate related. Templar’s Rampart can save you from his physical strikes. 

If you’re having trouble staying alive fighting Sage, you can increase your HP capacity with Spiritmaster’s Maximize HP at Level 14, or by using Salve-maker’s Compound ability (mixing a Dragon Fang and Beast Liver) to make Giant’s Draft, doubling your character’s HP. You will recover members often, so get your Phoenix Downs and Arise (White Mage) ready! 

Special thanks to Pete Davison from USgamer for his compounding- goodness and additional boss tips. 

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