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Braille Xbox Controller Plans Revealed For More Accessible Gaming

by Liana Ruppert

LetsGoDigital has revealed a new patent that Microsoft has in an effort to make gaming even more accessible. For visually-impaired gamers, the latest report shows off braille Xbox controller plans.  

When Microsoft launched their Adaptive controller last year, gamers all over rejoiced in their favorite video game experiences in a more accessible way than ever before. It looks like the team is continuing to deliver on the promise of accessibility, because the below haptic braille Xbox controller below will make gaming easier for those visually impaired. 

The patent itself was filed back in October of 2018, but it wasn’t published until earlier this month. How it works is there’s an additional accessory that can attach to an already owned Xbox One controller, which allows players to use the braille at the bottom for controls. The display attached to it was also designed to show texts and audio in braille, in addition to a chat screen seen above. 

It recognizes speech commands and can also translate that to braille while also implementing a smart haptic system as well. Though we don’t have any idea as to when this new controller will hit the market, we’re definitely excited to learn more given Xbox’s recent history of being back in the game. 

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