When you think of the rapper Ice-T, you don't think of a teddy bear but that's exactly what he is in Borderlands 3. We got our hands on Borderlands 3 earlier this year during a press event and now there was a second round of gaming goodness. The latest revelation? An AI in the form of Ice-T and it's about as perfect as you'd expect. 

Our friends over at PCGamer recorded their encounter with the rapper-turned-teddy bear by the name of Balex. For those interested (why wouldn't you be?), Balex is a ship navigation AI that was removed from his craft and shoved into a teddy bear by a combat AI. He's a trusty companion to Vault Hunters while helping them navigate the Family Jewel ship while in search of a vault key fragment. 

We were at the gameplay reveal event earlier this year and had an absolute blast with our hands-on time with the game. You can read all about what we thought right here, with a small blurb below: 

"Despite a few technical difficulties and Cyclone nightmare, Borderlands 3 was everything I wanted to be. Though the Calypso Twins, the game's main villain, might not be to everyone's taste due to their off-brand streamer personalities, the overall experience felt incredibly familiar while offering up a new experience at the same time."