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Borderlands 3 Halloween Event Kicks Off This Week

by Liana Ruppert

Get ready because Halloween is crashing Pandora with a new event coming to Borderlands 3 later this week! The Bloody Harvest event officially kicks off until October 24th and will run all the way until December 5th! Check out the brand new trailer Gearbox just released to see what sort of Halloween goodness awaits in Borderlands 3: 

How to partake in this particular brand of Halloween celebrations is that Sanctuary 3 must be unlocked. Once that is done, players will find Maurice, a lizard that has the key to Halloween ‘spoopiness’. Travel to Heck, yes, that’s the planet’s name, and battle it out with a zombie named Maliwan and other ferocious enemies. 

Oh, and these new enemies have a brand new debuff too called terror, which will completely wipe your aim. Basically: be careful!

But it wouldn’t be a new event if there wasn’t some new loot in store. From Terror-induced new weaponry, to Halloween-tastic skins for your favorite Vault Hunter, there are a lot of reasons to jump back into the land of mayhem and chaos when the Halloween Bloody Harvest event goes live in Borderlands 3 on October 24th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players. 



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