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Borderlands 3 Explains More About The Character Moze At E3 2019

by John Cooper

Day two of E3 2019 is going strong so far. The Upload VR conference had some really cool looking titles and the PC Gaming Show has been an absolute blast. Along with a plethora of new announcements, trailers, and gameplay footage, we got treated to an interesting Q&A session with Paul Sage. While he revealed some new info about a lot of the systems within the game, he also gave us some new information about Moze, the Gunner. 

Moze is very much in the same vein as the Soldier characters in the previous games like Roland. That means they are all about being a straight-up good fighter, rather than worrying too much about nuance. 

Moze does, however, bring along her own friend in the form of Iron Bear who is a mech. The two work in tandem together and the skill-trees reflect that too. Apparently, you’ll be able to wield miniguns, railguns, and grenade launchers thanks to her abilities, but that’s not all we know now. 

There have been some breakdowns of the character shown online which reveal that you can actually equip two action skills at once with Moze and that means you can mix and match from the three different skill trees. This little reveal means we only have one character left to see in full, though as the game comes out September 13th, we don’t have that long to wait. 

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