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Borderlands 3 Explains Class Mods, Artefacts, And Grenade Mods At E3 2019

by John Cooper

The PC Gaming Show at E3 2019 has actually been one of the most genuine and enjoyable conferences in recent E3 memory. This is in part thanks to a mix of genuinely excitable developers as well as the games they get to show off. Well, alongside all of the indie games that have been taking centre stage we got to see a Q&A with Paul Sage, who is the creative director of Borderlands 3. He gave some fairly candid answers so there is some good stuff here. 

There is a mix of new and known info here, but the questions all got some cool answers. 

The grenade mods are going to be way more interesting this time around too. While previously you might have a sticky grenade or a bouncing one, this time they can be combined. The example given was a sticky bouncing grenade that exploded into a hail of firing guns. That could be a little messy, but hey, that’s what grenades are for. 

Class mods this time around will enhance abilities as they always have, but apparently, they can also grant new abilities now as well. Plus, you can have artefacts that change up how your movement works, like adding an explosion every time you slide. It all adds up to make for one incredibly customisable experience, and it is coming to us on September 13th this year. 

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