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Borderlands 3 Confirmed To Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive (UPDATE)

by Liana Ruppert

Update: The Epic Games Store exclusivity deal will be for 6 months from launch. 

Original story as follows: 

Borderlands fans recieved an exciting new trailer this morning confirming the September 13th release date for the highly anticipated third entry into the main series. It looks like the date wasn’t the only part of the earlier rumors to be true, because Gearbox also confirmed that the upcoming title would be a Epic Games Store exclusive for PC players.

In the announcement trailer below, the platforms confirmed are PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Epic Games. When an earlier deleted post by Gearbox was immediately taken down on April 1st stating the same information, many players were worried about the latest title to become and Epic Games exclusive over alleged privacy breaches. Some were also just not wanting to abandon Steam so quickly, but the good news is that the launcher is completely free and very developer-friendly.

According to Epic Games when they first unveiled their store, “Developers receive 88% of revenue. There are no tiers or thresholds. Epic takes 12%. And if you’re using Unreal Engine, Epic will cover the 5% engine royalty for sales on the Epic Games store, out of Epic’s 12%.”

Whether or not this will be a timed-exclusive such as Metro Exodus is unclear at this time, but if it does end up being like previously locked titles, it could possibly come to Steam after a year. We’ll know more when May rolls around, as Gearbox promises a brand new gameplay trailer revealing more about the mechanics, the story, and hopefully more clarification on the title’s launch. 

For now, Borderlands 3 is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Epic Games Store on September 13th. There are currently no Nintendo Switch release plans at this time. 

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