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Bloodstained Sequel Confirmed, Not in Development Yet

by Lucas White

Some reports were dancing around suggesting, based on some phrasing from Bloodstained developer ArtPlay, that a sequel to the game is underway. Overnight, the official Bloodstained Twitter account confirmed that is indeed the case. That said, we shouldn’t expect to hear much else about the sequel any time soon.

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The tweet notes that both developer ArtPlay and publisher 505 Games are planning a Bloodstained sequel, but that is all so far. The game is in the “very early planning stages.” For now, all development work is focused on finishing more planned content for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. ArtPlay has “a lot planned for [us].”

Bloodstained was released in 2019 following a successful crowdfunding campaign, led by Koji Igarashi. Igarashi had left Konami previously, after being the main producer of the Castlevania series. The Metroidvania style has been kept alive by many other developers, but Iga (regarded as a genre figurehead) hadn’t continued his signature work until Bloodstained.

Retro-style spinoffs developed by Inti Creates, Curse of the Moon and a sequel, both fared well with players and critics alike as well. It seems like Bloodstained is going to stick around for a while.

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