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Bloodborne The Old Hunters – Beat Lady Maria, Orphan of Kos and Laurence, the First Vicar

Beat the two remaining bosses and the secret boss, plus find Simon’s Bowblade and test your archery skills!
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

After defeating the Living Failures, activate the Lumenwood Garden lamp then continue through the door ahead using the Astral Clockwork Key you obtained earlier. Run over to the corpse sitting on the chair at the far end of the room and inspect it. After the cut scene you must engage in a boss battle against Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower.

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Boss Battle: Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower

  • Reward: Celestial Dial

While Lady Maria has considerable range with her various sword attacks, her first form isn’t overly difficult to face off against. When you dodge her attacks, be sure to dodge toward her to the left or right. Her long reach allows her to chase you around the area, giving you little time to use a Blood Vials if you’re dodging back or to the side. It’s important to dodge forward to make sure you avoid Lady Maria’s attacks while still remaining close enough to counter attack.

For the most part you can keep Lady Maria in stun lock by simply attacking continuously. However, she will dodge backward to avoid your attacks. When this happens back away and prepare for her next attack. Most of her attacks are telegraphed making them relatively easy to see coming.

Once Lady Maria gets down to roughly 50 percent health she pauses and stabs herself. Back away from her because this action is followed by an attack that hits in a moderately wide radius around her. This is her second form which gives her even longer reach than she already had as blood now flows from the weapons, extending their range.

Extended range aside, her attacks are relatively similar to her first form. She can now hit behind her because her attacks cover such a wide range. Luckily you can still stun her with most weapons. However, when she holds both weapons behind her head and takes a moment to wide up get behind her as quickly as possible to avoid the damaging attack that follows. It’s a fairly linear attack, but she will follow you until you get behind her and you’re still better off dodging when she executes the attack, just in case you weren’t completely behind her.

When Lady Maria’s health drops to around 25 percent she floats high into the air as she changes into her third form. Once again, back away to avoid the area attack that follows. Her third form features almost the same exact attacks as her second form, except that each attack is now followed by a trail of flames. This makes the attacks more damaging and gives them slightly more reach, but your tactics remain the same.

Once you have defeated Lady Maria, move toward the entrance to activate the Astral Clocktower lamp, then pick up Celestial Dial. Move toward the chair on the far side of the room and hold up the Celestial Dial. Walk through the transformed clock and drop down to the ground below. Be careful to stay near the middle of the path as you can fall off of either side.

Continue down the path and examine the first corpse on the right to obtain a Lead Elixir, with the second corpse ahead holding a Madman’s Knowledge. Speak with the NPC ahead if you’d like, then continue forward into the Fishing Hamlet.

Fishing Hamlet

Ignite the Fishing Hamlet lamp ahead, then head to the right. Defeat the enemy near the corpse, then collect the three Blood Vials and continue through the village. Take out the enemies that attack ahead and move up the ramp to the left and into the house. Collect the Tempering Damp Blood Gem (6) on the corpse in the corner, then keeping moving through the village.

Kill the enemies near the well, including the Ghoul casting spells. Pick up the two Lead Elixirs on the corpse by the well, then move into the building to the right and kill the enemies to the right. Head up the stairs, kill the two enemies, then collect the Odd Fire Damp Blood Gem (5) in the corner.

Go back outside and kill the two enemies to the right, then pick up the four Oil Urns by the boat. Circle around to the other side of the well to see several more enemies in the alley. The large enemy may be difficult to handle, so draw him away from the others so you don’t have to fight them all together. At the end of the alley search the corpse to find a Kin Coldblood (10), then go back to the well.

You can go down the well and face two more of the larger enemies, but you’ll eventually come to that area anyway. If you do decide to go down the well and kill the enemies, one of them drops the Rakuyo weapon.

When you’re ready, go up the ramp carved into the mountainside to the far left of the well (opposite of the house). At the top of the ramp search the corpse to find a Great One’s Wisdom, then head to the right of the roof ahead and circle around to the left. Kick down the ladder to create a shortcut back to the Fishing Hamlet lamp, then head into the second floor of the house to the left of the ladder.

Watch out for the ambush from behind when you move into the next room, then kill the other enemy on the far side of the room and collect the Harrowed Hood, Harrowed Gloves, Harrowed Trousers and Harrowed Garb from the corpse he was eating. Look to the left and go down the broken stairs to find a corpse at the end that holds a Blood Stone Chunk.

Head back to the well and continue down the path to the left of the house you went inside before. Kill the projectile-throwing enemy and his Fish Hound ahead, then look to the right to see a few more enemies. Up the hill is another Ghoul shooting magic spells, but nearby is another large enemy that will attack as soon as you head up the hill to kill the Ghoul. Be very cautious as you attack the Ghoul to ensure you don’t get hit by the larger enemy.

Take out all of the enemies, then look to the left of the hill to see a corpse that holds a Great One’s Wisdom, then go back the way you came to see another hill you passed in the midst of all the fighting. Between the broken down house and the adjacent structure is a small path. Head between the buildings to find a corpse on the other side that holds a Blood Stone Chunk.

Continue up the hill where the Ghoul was standing and head down the path and into the house on the left and activate the Lighthouse Hut lamp. Turn around to see an NPC on the ground near the door. Speak with him multiple times and he’ll breathe his last breath, giving you the Simon’s Bowblade and Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key that opens the cell at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway just after the fight against Ludwig. Speak with the prisoner to obtaib the Bloodletter weapon.

Go through the large opening in the side of the house and circle around to the right to find a corpse that holds a Kin Coldblood (10). Collect the item, then head back inside and through the doorway, then continue to the left and around the corner to find a ramp going down to the rooftops.

As you cross the bridge ahead, a Hunter appears on the far side and attacks. Move slowly across the bridge until the Hunter spawns, then back up to the rooftop you were just on to fight him there. Defeat the Hunter to obtain the Bloodied Arm Bands.

Head across the bridge but before you go up the ramp to the left, kill the enemy to the right of the ramp, then head down the ladder on the edge of the rooftop to the left of the lamp. When you reach the bottom of the ladder, go through the doorway and sneak up behind the enemy in the room to the right.

Use a visceral attack to finish off the enemy, then continue through the next doorway and to the right. Head across the bridge and kill the enemies on the adjacent rooftop. Make your way across the next bridge and into the room ahead. Quickly move toward the hole in the floor to see an Imp crawling into it. If you can’t kill the Imp before it drops down to the room below, throw a Molotov Cocktail at the Imp to ignite the explosive barrels nearby.

Drop down through the hole and pick up the three Blood Stone Chunks the Imp drops, but beware of the enemy that throws bombs as soon as you drop. Circle around the path under the building to find a corpse that holds two Blood Stone Chunks, then kill the enemies in the water below. There are explosive barrels nearby that work well in combination with a Molotov Cocktail to defeat the enemies.

Head into the nearby building to take out the enemies inside then collect the Blood Stone Chunk on the corpse in the corner, then head into the adjacent room to kill the enemy in the corner and collect a second Blood Stone Chunk in the other corner. Go out the doorway and circle around to the right as you hub the building (to avoid falling into the water). When you get to the end of the building, look in the corner to the right to find a corpse holding Tempering Damp Blood Gem (6).

Go back to the doorway you just came through and continue directly ahead down the water path to see an item sitting on the ramp in front of you. Collect the three Blood Vials on the ramp, then head back down to the water way and look straight ahead to see the barnacle -covered pillars holding up the adjacent building. If you’d like a Kin Coldblood (10) and a Beast Hide Garb, follow the right side of the pillars, then circle around to the left when you get to the last pillar to find stairs going up into the build.

In the corner of the room above is a corpse that holds a Kin Coldblood (10). Collect the item then head back down the stairs to see a Hunter spawning ahead. Defeat the Hunter to obtain the Beast Hide Garb. Go back the way you came and continue up the ramp by the bridge where you fought the Hunter. This is the same ramp you passed earlier.

Head up the ramp and to the left, then into the building. Move across the narrow bridge, kill the enemies and head right to find a corpse holding four Oil Urns. Keep moving through the area to find an enemy holding a long staff with a light at the top. Quickly take him out before he uses the magic of his staff, then look to the left to see an enemy hunched over. Kill it and destroy the urns behind it to find a corpse holding six Blood Vials.

Move on to the far end of the area, to find enemies across the wide bridge to the right and a gate in the far left corner. Open the gate to create a shortcut back to the Lighthouse Hut lamp, then kill the enemies across the bridge and go down the ramp if you’d like to kill the three optional enemies below. Go back up to the previous platform and climb down the ladder on the far side by the fish net on the wall (near the green light).

To the right of the wooden path is a corpse holding a Blood Stone Chunk. Keep moving to the end of the path, staying on the wood. There’s an item in the leech-like pool, but there are a number of enemies hiding in the shells surrounding it. Move through the pool killing the enemies as you go, then collect the Odd Arcane Damp Blood Gem (6) from the corpse.

At the end of the adjacent pool is another corpse holding three Twin Blood Stone Shards. Head up the ramp to the right to find another corpse. Search the corpse to find a Blood Stone Chunk, then continue moving through the area.

As you approach wooden fencing in the far right corner, an enemy drops down from above. Kill it, then move into the fenced area to find a corpse that holds a Blood Stone Chunk. Move through the cave ahead to find two more enemies that charge at you from the far end. Halfway through the cave you cave veer to the left, but before you head that way, move toward the end to spawn a Hunter.

The Hunter is nearly identical to the one you faced on the bridge above. Kill him to obtain the Bloodied Trousers, then continue to the end of the corridor to find a corpse holding a Lead Elixir. Head back to the side path you just passed to find more enemies. Kill them and head to the left to find another Ghoul and a few more enemies.

Kill the enemies and collect the Kin Coldblood (11) on the corpse, then turn around and move to the far side to find a Madman’s Knowledge on the ledge. Drop down to the area below and climb down the ladder to find a Cursed Kinhunter’s Damp Blood Gem (6), then climb back up and activate the lever in the corner to call down the elevator. At the top of the elevator you’ll find a corpse holding a Kin Coldblood (10). The path here leads back up to a gate that leads into the room with the Lighthouse Hut lamp.

Go back down the elevator. To one side is a tunnel with a visible item at the end. There are deadly eyeball enemies down this tunnel. You likely remember them from the main game as they attack with javelin-like projectiles that cause frenzy. You know they’re close by the singing sound they make. There are two of them down this tunnel. If you’re daring enough to take them out, the corpse on the ground at the end of the tunnel holds two Lead Elixirs.

If you continue to the left you’ll come to the ledge at the bottom of the well you passed above ground. The two items here are a Tempering Damp Blood Gem (5) and a Kin Coldblood (11). If you did not go down the well before, there are two large enemies here, one patrolling the bottom and one clinging to the ceiling. If you kill the one clinging to the ceiling you will find the Rakuyo weapon.

Go back to the elevator to find another corpse on the other side that holds a Great One’s Wisdom. Beyond the corpse is a tunnel that leads to a boss battle against the Orphan of Kos.

Boss Battle: Orphan of Kos

  • Reward: Kos Parasite

Like many of the bosses in The Old Hunters DLC, Orphan of Kos has deceptive range. He has a variety of attacks that all cover a great deal of distance directly in front of him, but he also has attacks that reach behind him, even if his target is to the front.

From a distance Orphan of Kos will reach into his weapon and throw a projectile at you. If you see this animation, quickly dodge to avoid the projectile that follows. He may also jump toward you with a lunging attack that can be difficult to dodge if you’re not ready for it. Anytime you’re at a distance from Orphan of Kos, be ready for one of these two long-range attacks.

At close range, Orphan of Kos is most deadly when using a three-hit combo attack that starts with a front sweeping attack, followed by an uppercut that starts from behind him and covers anything immediately in front of Orphan of Kos. If the uppercut connects it will knock you off of your feet, making the third attack difficult to avoid. However, if you’re still standing, dodge behind Orphan of Kos to avoid the third attack in this combo.

Once you get Orphan of Kos down to roughly 50 percent he sprouts wings and becomes far more agile. He jumps around the area using an array of jumping attacks. These can all be avoided by dodging, but he will still use his initial set of attacks so be careful no matter how far away you may be. In addition, he reaches into the ground and causes an explosion that covers a wide distance directly in front of Orphan of Kos and a bit to either side. If you’re standing behind him you will not get hit by the attack, but if you’re in front of Orphan of Kos, make sure there’s plenty of distance between you and the boss when he uses this attack.

Your best course of action against Orphan of Kos is to remain behind him and attack two or three times between his attacks. While staying behind the boss will avoid most of his attacks, there are still a few that will hit you, so it’s best to dodge even if it doesn’t seem as though the attack will connect.

Once Orphan of Kos is down, activate the Coast lamp and move over to the black apparition standing where Orphan of Kos first spawned. Attack this several times to end the nightmare and watch a short cut scene completing the DLC.

Boss Battle: Laurence, the First Vicar

  • Reward: Beast’s Embrace Rune

If you thought Orphan of Kos was the fourth and final boss of The Older Hunters DLC, think again. Remember the Eye Pendant you collected from the hand of the massive beast at the top of the long stairs near the Hunter’s Nightmare lamp when you first entered the DLC area? Once you obtained Laurence’s Skull from the altar below the elevator that leads up to the Research Hall, you unlocked the ability to fight the massive beast at the top of the stairs.

Head back to the Hunter’s Nightmare lamp and make your way to the top of the stairs again. If you joined the League you’ll notice a new NPC summon point just inside the Grand Cathedral. Summon the helper because the upcoming boss battle can get somewhat difficult if you’re alone. Before you continue, put on as much fire resistant gear as you can. When you’re ready, move toward the massive beast to watch a short cut scene followed by a battle against Laurence, the First Vicar.

As you might expect, Laurence has good reach with his massive claws. Stay behind him as best you can to avoid most of his attacks. You’ve already fought similar bosses in the main game, so his basic array of attacks shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

When Laurence changes into his second form, his legs give way to flowing lava and fire. At this point you can no longer stay behind him as you’ll gradually take fire damage. In addition, Laurence will spew a pool of lava from his mouth that covers a moderate portion of the floor, so keep your distance when this occurs.

You need to attack Laurence from the side, which can be difficult because he’ll continually flail about, spewing fire and swiping with his claws. You need to roll toward Laurence, attack a few times, then roll away. Don’t get caught in the fire or lava that can surround Laurence or you’ll be susceptible to even more damage and possibly take a few claw attacks in the process.

It’s imperative that you attack Laurence as often as possible. While he has more health and defense than any other boss in The Old Hunters, the longer the fight goes on the closer you get to Laurence’s rage mode. If the fight lasts too long Laurence will spew fire and lava almost nonstop, making it nearly impossible to stand to either side. With Laurence’s back already cut off when he enters the second form, you’ll have to attack him from the front, which leaves you open to every attack he has.

While your NPC helper should last throughout most of the fight, you may want to think about bringing in a human Hunter to help out as well. Attacking Laurence from three sides can help bring him down fast enough to avoid his rage mode.

Once Laurence goes down, activate the Nightmare Grand Cathedral lamp to head back to Hunter’s Dream. Congratulations you have completed The Old Hunters DLC! For more information of the game or if you missed any of the new weapons, be sure to head back to our Bloodborne game hub!

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