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Bloober Team Removes Games Catalog From Russia & Belarus

by Jesse Vitelli

Many video game companies have started showing support for Ukraine after Russia Invaded the country about a week ago. Other companies have taken to donating proceeds of sales to help support Ukraine. Bloober Team announced today that its digital catalog will be removed from sale in Russia and Belarus.

The official statement from the team can be seen below.

“We at Bloober Team have decided to stop selling our titles in Russia and Belarus across all platforms. We’ve been working with our partners to put the games down from the stores in these countries – the ban coming into effect first on Steam.”

A full list of the games being pulled from digital stores in Russia and Belarus are as follows

  • A-men 
  • A-Men 2 
  • BRAWL 
  • Blair Witch
  • Blair Witch Digital Soundtrack
  • Blair Witch VR Edition
  • Layers of Fear 
  • Layers of Fear – Soundtrack 
  • Layers of Fear 2 
  • Layers of Fear 2 – Original Soundtrack 
  • Layers of Fear VR 
  • Layers of Fear: Inheritance 
  • Observer: System Redux 
  • Observer System Redux Soundtrack
  • The Art of Blair Witch 
  • The Art of Observer System Redux 
  • The Art of The Medium 
  • The Medium 
  • The Medium Soundtrack

Bloober reiterates in a statement given to the press that “This action is not meant as a retaliation against the people of these regions, but as a statement against the war.

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