It's just about that time to embrace the glory that is BlizzCon once again.  It's the event where hardcore players and fans get together to celebrate everything World of Warcraft and StarCraft II.

Even though the event isn't taking place until November, we thought we'd serve you a friendly reminder because tickets will be going on sale later today.  Slated to go for $175 apiece (with a limit of four per buyer), the tickets will go on sale at this link at 7 PM PDT.  You can expect that they'll be high in demand.

If you somehow miss out on tickets tonight, don't worry.  According to BlizzCon reps, a second batch of tickets will be available for purchase this Saturday though a specific time wasn't given.

Though official event details for BlizzCon 2013 haven't been unveiled yet it's expected to be a great time for all, with games, tournaments, and other activities to keep everyone entertained.  We just hope that Tenacious D shows up again…

You can purchase tickets at this link tonight.  It'll be busy, but if you're quick enough, you'll be going to BlizzCon.