Blizzard Nerfed WoW’s Keystone “God Comp” – But Now Keys Are Getting Nerfed, Too

Don't worry: Season 2 isn't over just yet.

After a host of class “adjustments” (read: nerfs, mostly) that took place on August 22, including nerfs to Guardian Druids, Evokers, Mage and Shadow Priest, Blizzard have made taken action to make high-end Keystones more viable to parties outside the lost “God Comp.” Keystones above Level 20 will see their respective health and damage modifiers softened to make them more palatable in the wake of the changes.

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The so-called “God Comp” of high-end Keystone dungeons was a Guardian Druid tank, Holy Paldin healer, Augmentation Evoker, and Shadow Priest and Fire Mage DPS. This comp came partway through the expansion, since Augmentation Evokers were added in patch 10.1.5. With these nerfs, some players over on the official Subreddit were sure that Season 2 was now “over” – how can you nerf the best comp in the game and expect anyone else to push keys any higher, ever again, without dungeon nerfs, too? Well, never fear.

Below are the changes coming to both Health and Damage modifiers in Keystone Dungeons on August 22, following the follow simple formula per Blizzard’s blogpost.

Above keystone level 20, each additional keystone level will now increase enemy health and damage by 8% (was 10%).

Key LevelOld Modifier %New Modifier %
Table data via Wowhead

This all means that starting next week, keys will be about 1 to 2 levels “easier” depending on how high you push. Keys closer to level 20 will feel less of an effect, while keys creeping up to 30 or higher will see more of the results of this change. These changes are planned to last until Season 3.

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