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Blizzard Chief Legal Officer Leaves During Legal Conflict

by Lucas White

Announced via a LinkedIn post, Blizzard’s Chief Legal Officer, Claire Hart, is leaving the company. Or has left, rather, as she noted her last day was September 17, 2021.

This resignation is noticeably happening right in the middle of ongoing investigations and multiple lawsuits aimed at Activision Blizzard over problems like working conditions, sexual harassment and more.

This includes a recent federal-level subpoena issued to CEO Bobby Kotick from the SEC.

Blizzard Chief Legal Officer Leaves During Legal Conflict

Hart’s post doesn’t go into any sort of detail, nor would we expect it to. She did seem to acknowledge the company’s turbulence, noting “the past three years have been full of unexpected twists and turns.”

That’s one way of putting it, I guess! Obviously it would be irresponsible to link Hart’s departure to the ongoing events over at Blizzard, but the timing sure does make it stick out in terms of optics.

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Also of note are the comments on Hart’s post, full of well-wishes from colleagues. Aside from the strange timing, it’s probably best not to look much more deeply into this. It’s an interesting part of the chain of the events, whatever the reality of it is.

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