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Blaseball Short Circuits Is A Low Stake Way To Join In On The Fun

by Jesse Vitelli

Baseball, the absurdist baseball simulator has been on a long break since the end of the previous era. While the team has been quietly working on what’s next for the game, today The Game Band announced an all-new way to interact with Blaseball. 

Blaseball Short Circuits Is A Low Stake Way To Join In On The Fun

Baseball Short Circuits is a short, low-stakes mini-series of universes that run for two weeks at a time. These universes will feature all 24 teams with an entirely new roster and are designed to be non-narrative-focused. It’s an excellent way for new players to get in on the action without having to read up on the previous lore. 

At the end of every two-week season, that universe will end and a new one will be born for the following season. This means it’s all very low-stakes and you can hop into one season without having to worry about the previous or next season. 

The team outlined the three main goals for Blaseball Short Circuits, which you can find below.

  • “Research. This is a series of experiments that will help us commit to the next Era’s main features. We want to better understand how you play Blaseball to better shape future iterations.
  • Entertainment. Waiting months for Blaseball to return is hard for the devs and the fans, so we want to make sure you have something to watch while we’re working on the next big thing.
  • Welcoming new Fans. If you couldn’t follow the chaos of the Expansion Era, don’t worry. Short Circuits will be a fresh start and a great place to jump in. There won’t be (much) math.”

To be clear, this is not the next true Era of Blaseball, that is still be worked on and will launch at a later date alongside the all-new Blaseball mobile app. Short Circuits seem to be an excellent way to pass the time in-between long breaks, or as Blaseball likes to call them, Siestas.

If you haven’t hopped into Blaseball yet, this is an excellent time to do so and get your feet wet. Sometimes the game opens a black hole and sucks up players, other times it becomes a JRPG inspired fight against a giant squid. You never know what you’re going to get with Blaseball so it’s best to experience it for yourself.

The first season of Blaseball Short Circuits starts on November 1, so get your peanuts.

What do you think about Blaseball Short Circuits? Be sure to let us know on the official Prima Games Twitter and Facebook pages.  


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