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Blaseball Returns From Its Siesta On March 1

by Jesse Vitelli

Blaseball is coming back on March 1! After taking a quick siesta at the end of 2020, the fan-fueled Baseball simulation game is finally coming back. Blaseball is a hard game to explain because so much of it is decided by the fans, but essentially it is a real-time baseball simulator in which you, the fans get to influence the outcome by voting on decrees and blessings for your favorite team to receive throughout the season.

Blaseball Returns From Its Siesta On March 1

This information comes from a press release.

Players die, new legends are born. Here are some of the new features coming to Blaseball when it returns next month.

  • Concessions! You can now buy snacks! Also votes are snacks.
  • Mysterious weekly team tarot readings. †
  • The FEED: an easier way to track events as they happen so you’re not always playing catch-up in discord or on twitter!
  • The long-anticipated Crabitat! The Crabs get their ballpark and then [redacted]
  • Wills: Deeper strategy for every team. Your community organization will go even further than before.
  • On Season and Off Season: New pacing of 3 weeks on, and 2 weeks off, the latter offering fans the downtime they need to get caught up with recaps, media, and events via The Feed. The Game Band may even have some surprise events lined up

The biggest of these changes is the new format. 3 weeks of games with a 2 week off period. This will make it easier for fans to get caught up on what is going on, and gives the team time to plan for the next set of games in-between.

As far as the other changes go, it’s going to be a wait-and-see sort of thing. Blaseball is such an interesting mix of game and community that one moment it’s a simply Baseball sim, while the next it’s a JRPG where you’re fighting a giant squid god. 

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In the meantime, you can sign up for Blaseball on and get ready for the new season.