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New Blair Witch Game Revealed During E3 2019

by John Cooper

Another new announcement from the Microsoft E3 press conference. This time in the form of another creepy horror title. With a trailer showing a man trekking through the woods with his dog, it quickly takes a dark turn when a video camera shows a clip of him from a different angle. Well, it turns out that the camera was a big part of the game because it’s a Blair Witch game. To say that this is a surprise would be an understatement, given that the cult film came out some two decades ago, it is incredible to see it reborn anew in video game form. (We’re ignoring the remake, it was no good.)

Set in the same creepy forest environment as the films themselves, it seems to follow one man and his dog called Bullet as they try and solve some mysteries. It has all the creepiness you would expect from a game like this, shaky camera stuff, creeping slow moving enemies, and a plethora of jump scares to keep your heart rate nice and high. There seems to be some kind of strange time stuff at work, although that could always just be the sheer horror of existing in a haunted forest. 

While no release date was shown, it will be coming to game pass when it releases August 30th. That means you can expect to play it along with seemingly everything else for just the cost of your subscription, who says that a Netflix for games isn’t possible?

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