Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Revolution DLC Map Pack Walkthrough

The DLC Map Pack features four new maps, a new Zombie mode, and a new weapon!

You have defeated the campaign multiple times. You have seen all three endings. You have even seen the secret ending at the end of the credits. You then took your skills online, and delivered a headshot to every noob on the map. As you stand on a mountain of achievements, you ask yourself “What’s next?”

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Well, the answer is simple. It’s time to join the Revolution. The DLC Map Pack features four new maps, a new Zombie mode, and a new weapon.


The name of this map says it all. The map takes place on the Indus River of Pakistan. There is a floodway on the map. The water pressure is building, and it up to you to clear the map of other players before the water comes crashing in.

The core of this map focuses on mid range to long range combat. You can prepare for this with sniper rifles, assault rifles, and submachine guns. While pulling off headshots, you must be aware of your surroundings. Remember, this is a hydroelectric dam.

At random points during the rounds, an announcer can be heard over the speakers. Soon after the dams open and flood the outside lanes of the map. At this time, make your way to the center to avoid certain death.


This map takes place in the Rhone-Alps of France and brings an icy and snowy landscape to Black Ops 2. While this map may seem familiar territory to most Call of Duty players, do not become complacent. Taking this map for granted will land you downhill.

Downhill is more than an ice covered version of a previous map. This frozen tundra can become deadly very fast. This map focuses on two specific spots for combat. You can take refuge in a snow lodge or cabin. This will create medium and close range combat within the close quarters. The map also contains many vantage points. This is great for the snipers that are looking for that perfect and quick kill.

While Downhill is dangerous enough, there is one element that can catch you by surprise and end your life immediately. While battling in a snow lodge, you must watch out for ski lifts throughout the area. If one of the lifts hit you directly, it will drag you straight to the afterlife. Avoid these at all costs.


If you are looking for a map that is out of the box of the Call of Duty series, this is the map for you. This map takes place in Venice Beach, California. The purpose of this map was to create a map with unique structures and close quarters combat. Grind is unlike any map you have seen before in Call of Duty.

The map focuses on close medium quarters combat. A focus should be placed on shotguns, pistols, and other short range weapons to have the greatest effect. This is also a great map for those who like to mix things up with melee combat. The area also includes interesting vantage points. These vantage points can be used for snipers. With this being one of the smaller maps in the game, sniping has a distinct advantage.

While this level may be unique to the Call of Duty series, it should be familiar to you if you are a fan of another legendary Activition series. There is a strong rumor that Grind (just look at the name) is a homage to the legendary Tony Hawk franchise. You find skateboards here, just plenty of empty clips and dead bodies.


This map takes place after the devastating destruction of a sandstorm in the Gobi Dessert in China. The wind and sand has destroyed building, crippled structures, and shattered glass. Dunes and hills have been formed and the streets have been paved with sand. This is the largest map in the Revolution pack.

With the dunes and hills on the map, there are many areas on the map where you can take the defense. Areas of this map alternate from open spaces to tight environments. Medium to lose quarter combat takes place in this map. You will want to focus on a shotgun on submachine gun for this map. The dunes and crippled structure do also provide great vantage points for snipers.

Similar to Grind, Mirage was also inspired by another game. This time the game is not a part of the Activision family. The map is based off of the game Spec Ops: The Line. One of the game’s prominent features where the sand storms that immediately altered gameplay.

Die Rise

This map takes place in Shanghai, China and features the living dead! The Black Ops series has a long and storied history of zombies and this map brings the focus to the undead. Die Rise is a co-operative map that brings more story to the game. While zombie maps are not a new element of the Black Ops series, this one brings a unique perspective.

In Die Rise, you are placed in a skyscraper that is currently crumbling to the ground. You must focus on learning the map, to avoid pitfalls and other dangerous areas. This is a map you must play a couple of times to know where the problems are within the structure. The structure also places you in tight spaces where short range weapons are key.

Die Rise features a new type of zombie that possesses a unique ability. These zombies have the ability to teleport short distances within the map. These zombies are easy to take down but are very dangerous. They can take out survivors fairly quickly so be careful.


This is a new game mode for the Black Ops 2 series that allows you to play as a zombie! The mode starts out with four players who are all zombies spawn in the Diner map. When the first survivor reaches a syringe, they are now turned back into a human. As a survivor you gain access to a revolver and you can unlock more weapons as the game continues.

After turning into a survivor, the other zombies on the map will try to kill you. As a zombie, you are much faster than the survivor. For every kill earned, there are points awarded. This is a timed mode. When the time for the level is over, the person with the most points wins.


The Peacekeeper is a first for the Call of Duty series as it debuts a new weapon into the game. The Peacekeeper has a white finish that will allow it to standout among the other weapons in the game. It is a submachine gun that provides longer range than the other submachine guns in the game. This gun is powerful and is a welcomed addition to the Black Ops 2 arsenal.

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