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BioWare Teases Dragon Age 4 News Next Month During Fan Celebration

by Liana Ruppert

BioWare knows show to play with our hearts and our emotions no matter the universe. With N7 day just a few days away for Mass Effect fans, Dragon Age day comes the next month and the studio tweeted out a very specifically worded celebratory notice that suspiciously looks like a Dragon Age 4 teaser. 

Sunday marked the 10-year anniversary for a game that sparked an incredible franchise. Dragon Age Origins introduced us to the Wardens, elves, mages, and so much more. It also gave us Morrigan and Zevran, so maker bless. Though Dragon Age 2 was shrouded in controversy, it did have incredible character development which led into Dragon Age Inquisition: a massive open world that bridged the gaps left in the entire trilogy if you looked hard enough. 

We got our first look at Dragon Age 4 during the Game Awards last year and hearing Solas again instantly set the fandom alight with red lyrium theories and tales from Tevinter. Though we know the game is still far off from its eventual release, we could be seeing another teaser – or at very least a new video from the devs talking about what they’re excited for fans to see. 

There’s always the potential for a remaster, which is a rumor that always pops up. This year may be different, because just recently EA stated in their earnings call with investors they are are looking into remasters for their older, popular franchises. Mass Effect and Dragon Age are arguable their biggest series, which was all the tease fans needed to renew those hopes for our favorite games in this gen’s graphics. 

There’s also the 4rge spelling. While many believe that is a play for Dragon Age 4, there are some that think this tease means Dragon Age-themed skins for Anthem. The Forge is where fans can tailor their freelancer gear to their liking and since October brought Mass Effect skins, Dragon Age skins seem likely as well. 

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Liana Ruppert

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