BioWare are planning to create an online hub for Dragon Age players in which statistics from the game will be automatically gathered and displayed for fans to peruse and compare.

Fernando Melo, Dragon Age’s online producer spoke to Kotaku, explaining how BioWare feel the kind of social element experienced in multiplayer games is “really important” in modern times, and in particular should be focused on in single-player titles.

Each platform’s version of the game will automatically connect and upload stats to the BioWare Social Network. There’ll be the chance to show off your avatar to other players of the game, let them browse your inventory, and of course check your stats. Statistics in the vein of “Greatest damage dealt” and “Most powerful foe slain” are the kind of things that will be on show.

The site is currently in beta phase, with a few bits and bobs to be added or taken away. The majority of content will apparently be added once the game has been released, Melo explained.

There are plans to include detailed story-tracking in which the myriad paths players choose to take will be noted. There hasn’t yet been event-tracking incorporated but when it is the system should work in the style of an in-game journal.

"We were trying to figure out how to create these water-cooler moments that people could talk about without spoiling it for people," Melo revealed. "We wanted to have a way that complements that instead of random [forum] threads."

The one difference across the platforms is simply that PC owners can quickly grab and share screenshots.

BioWare have shown a massive commitment to this game and potential franchise with their promises of DLC for two years, flash spin-off and this social network. The aim from them is to create something really worth paying for.

"We wanted to make this very clear this is not a DRM solution. The win was taking a playbook from Valve by adding additional value for players," Melo summed up. "Our benefit is more indirect in terms of feeding the community and getting them engaged with Dragon Age as a franchise."

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