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BioWare Drops Details on Mass Effect Legendary Edition Changes

by Lucas White

Today, BioWare released a blog post on EA’s website going into detail on upcoming changes to Mass Effect. As the Mass Effect Legendary Edition release rolls closer and closer, folks have been curious about how different these games will be from their original releases.

While adjustments are hitting all three games, the biggest impact seems to be Mass Effect 1’s gameplay and how the third game’s Galaxy at War feature functions. The article is huge of course, so it would be borderline plagiarism to go into every bit of change. So here’s a link to the original post!

Now, my self-given job is to point out what I perceive as the most notable changes. For example, in the first game it seems like the goal was to change mechanical details, without compromising the overall framework.

BioWare Drops Details on Mass Effect Legendary Edition Changes

That means adjustments have been made to things like weapon recoil, aim assistance, inventory management, rebalancing and more fine-tuning. Effort has been made to get all three games closer together, despite how drastically the differences were when each new game came out.

So while the recoil is a big change in the first game, ammo drops in the second game have been increased. Boss rooms and cover have also been adjusted to make things less cramped and difficult.

The Mako has some new tech as well, although the team emphasized that Mako fans will still be able to flop around as much as they want.

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Finally, the most impactful change (in my estimation) is the Galaxy at War. In Mass Effect 3, you had to boost your war preparedness through tackling in-game content, as well as engaging with things like multiplayer and deceased mobile apps.

Now, the system draws from your exploits across all three games, making the overall task more difficult if you skip straight to part three.


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If you check out the blog post, you’ll also see changes made to Shepard customization options, what’s happening to the original DLC content, the third game’s ending and other technical aspects.

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