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Biomutant Pre-Orders Available Now for Xbox

by Morgan Shaver

In an announcement on the Xbox Blog and the social media channels for Biomutant, it was revealed that you can now pre-order the game for Xbox. The pre-orders for Biomutant on Xbox will include the Mercenary Class DLC along with a combination of various other perks.

If you know for certain that you’ll be playing Biomutant on Xbox, it’s worth looking into pre-orders before the game’s May 25 release. 

Biomutant Pre-Orders Available Now for Xbox

Pre-orders for Biomutant are live starting today, March 25, for Xbox. By pre-ordering Biomutant for Xbox, you’ll get access to the Mercenary along with “a unique combination of perks” according to the Biomutant Twitter account. 

On the Xbox Blog, the Mercenary Class featured in the pre-order is touched upon in greater detail. 

“The Mercenary Class pre-order gives players even more ways to battle their way through the vibrant Biomutant game world.

The Mercenary has dual-wield as a starting ability and is equipped with additional weapons including the classic Katana and the shorter Wakizashi blades, very much in line with a traditional samurai warrior.

Players who pre-order Biomutant starting today will have the unique combination of Mercenary perks at the start of their Biomutant gameplay experience when it launches this May.”

You can pre-order Biomutant by heading to the Microsoft Store (or by clicking here). Pre-orders for Biomutant featuring the pre-order Mercenary Class can be purchased for $59.99 (USD).

Biomutant is scheduled to release on May 25 and in addition to Xbox One, Biomutant will also release for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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