Beyond: Two Souls – How to Complete Hunted

Step-by-step walkthrough for Chapter 7: Hunted

It’s time for another walkthrough for Sony’s Beyond: Two Souls. This time, we tackle Chapter 7: Hunted. It’s more in-depth than previous chapters, with many options and scenarios. Don’t worry, though – we cover them all. 

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Wake up Jodie

Jodie is on the run and boards a train. Unfortunately, she gets compromised. 

When you start, you’re in control of Aiden. Jodie is sound asleep. Move around and mess with the other passengers aboard the train, like flipping the magazine from a girl’s hand and knocking down the fellow’s luggage. Soon enough, a cut scene will take place: the train will make an unscheduled stop and gets boarded by law enforcement. Wake up Jodie during this announcement by knocking over her water bottle or dropping her luggage.    

Stay Seated or Get Up

You have two options when the Sheriffs arrive: get up and run, or sit there and wait. If you get up, Jodie will immediately start running. If you wait, one of the Sheriffs will ask Jodie for her ID. She’ll grab her luggage bag. At this point, you can shove the Sheriff out of the way or strike him with the bag. Either way, Jodie will exit via the other train cars. 

Train Run 

Sheriffs will chase you as you exit each train car. Shove the food carts out of the way and watch your step; a luggage bag on the floor can trip you and can cause you to fall. Push the doors open and shove any sheriffs or passengers blocking your path. When you make it to the last train car, more options are available. 

Break the Window

If you want a quicker escape, read on. You will notice the windows of the train are on your left; blast one open with Aiden’s ability after you examine it as Jodie. This will allow Jodie to climb to the top of the train after you shake off the officer. Here, you’re required to dodge each sheriff that climbs up top, and also fight them off as they try to apprehend Jodie. Once they’re dealt with, Jodie will see only one escape opportunity, jumping off the train. Luckily, Aiden can protect her while she makes the leap.

Note: If you lose the fight against the officers, you’ll be arrested. Refer to Train Capture. 

The Bathroom Escape 

If you continue down the train car, you’ll have a scuffle with another sheriff, and the rest of the officers will surround Jodie. Here, Jodie enters the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, climb the toilet and have Aiden break open the emergency shaft on the ceiling. Doing this will put you on top of the train, where you’ll need to fight off the sheriffs and then jump off. If the sheriffs get the upper hand, refer to Train Capture below.    

Train Capture

Staying in the bathroom will get Jodie arrested. Losing the fight on the train’s roof also brings you to this point. Lastly, if you didn’t outrun the sheriffs inside the train, you’ll end up here. The sheriffs will handcuff and lock her in one of the train rooms. From this point, shift to Aiden and possess the sheriff outside the room. Doing so will allow you to control the sheriff, unlock the door and then unchain Jodie’s hands. 

Afterwards, place the guard in another compartment and knock him out, then break open the window (with Aiden) in Jodie’s room. Here, you can escape through the window and hop off the train – be sure to have Aiden protect Jodie’s landing. If you don’t, you may need to heal Jodie’s wounds.  

Lost Woods

After escaping the train, Jodie finds herself running through a forest. The sheriffs begin their chase and you’ll have to outrun them again. It’s hard to see here; be careful of branches and pounce over or under them. Make it across the river and continue running through the woods. You can get shot in the river if you don’t cross in time, but this doesn’t have an impact on Jodie. Eventually, another cut scene will play and you’ll be pitted against some K-9 dogs. 

Old Yellers 

The K-9s are quick, so you’ll need to direct the Left or Right sticks to strike back and evade. Once the mutts run off, continue your escape. If you happen to lose this fight, you’ll end up in the back seat of the police car. Refer to Escape the Police Car from here.  

Dead End 

With the dogs taken care of, the woods seem endless. However, you’ll run into what appears to be a dead end; a cliff blocks your way, and you won’t be able to turn back. From this moment, you have two choices: Scale the cliff or be apprehended. If you want to climb, refer to Cliffhanger below. If you’re caught at this point, proceed to Escape the Police Car. 


Choosing to climb the cliff will allow Jodie to escape the police from the forest. Make sure you hold Triangle to stay hidden on the cliff if you don’t want to get caught. Once you reach the top, police cars can be seen on the road. Cautiously walk towards the road and have Aiden do the dirty work. First, possess the sheriff leaning on the motorcycle. 

As the sheriff, open the trunk of the SUV and grab the shotgun. Then fire the firearm (R1) to create a distraction. While this occurs, it allows Jodie to steal the nearby motorcycle and escape on the road. Refer to On the Road Again from here. 

Escape the Police Car

If you chose not to climb the cliff in the forest, were spotted on the cliff or lost the fight to the K-9s, the police will apprehend Jodie. She is placed in the backseat of a cop car. Check around; there’s no way to escape without some help. Shift to Aiden and choke out the officer in the driver’s seat. This allows Jodie to grab the keys from the officer’s corpse and free her hands from the cuffs. After that, switch to Aiden and unlock the car door from the outside. Outside, officers won’t see you. Trigger Aiden and use his ability to flip-over the SUV. This distracts the guards while Jodie escapes on the motorcycle. Refer to On the Road Again from here. 

On the Road Again 

Driving the motorcycle is relatively easy. Hold R2 to accelerate and press X to turn its lights off. Steering isn’t needed except for extremely tight turns. A helicopter eventually spots you. Again, you have a choice to make here: outrun the chopper and make it to the bridge, or lose the race and get arrested. If you plan to escape the chopper, refer to Outrun the Chopper. If somehow you have trouble losing the chopper, check Losing the Race from here.  

Losing the Race 

Failing to outpace the chopper brings you to a different conclusion of this chapter. Police pull up, surround Jodie and place her into custody inside an SUV. Refer to Escape the SUV from here.  

Escape the SUV (Conclusion A)

The only way to escape is to call on Aiden. The first option is to possess the officer directly across from Jodie and either shoot the driver or knock out the other guard. The second is to take control of the driver (if you fail to do anything with the first officer) and swerve out of control. Both scenarios cause the vehicle to crash, and Jodie gives a forewarning to the commanding officer. The chapter concludes. 

Outrun the Chopper 


Continue driving down the long stretch and use the button prompts to gain speed (and turn the lights off). When you outrace the chopper, you’ll make it to the bridge. 

A S.W.A.T. team blocks the bridge. Here, two things can happen: You plow through the police and use Aiden’s protection to evade gunfire, or the police shoot Jodie’s motorcycle down and you’re arrested. If you’re caught, proceed to Escape the SUV above. If you drive through the barricade, refer to Street Faceoff below.  

Street Faceoff (Conclusion B)

This is an alternate ending for this chapter, though if you’re apprehended, you can still end up in the SUV. However, we recommend completing this scenario since it’s much more thrilling. Since there are many tasks in this particular section, we’ve listed some quick steps on how to survive the street faceoff with the SWAT team below. You’re in control of Aiden from this point on. 

1. First, possess the sniper on the roof (overlooking Jodie to your right) and drop him. 

2. Take control of both officers in the vehicles and drive through the buildings. 

3. Flip-over any vehicles. 

4. Possess the officer and shoot his comrades (after the sniper is defeated). This may or not be available at this point.

5. Trigger the gas pump and spray the gas on the ground. Then ignite the gas station sign (above) to cause a strong explosion and create a fire.   

6. Open the club door for Jodie when she tells you to. 

7. Lastly, possess the chopper pilot and swerve the aircraft to cause it to crash. This will take down the rest of the police; the chapter ends here. 

Beyond: Two Souls is currently available for PlayStation 3. 

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