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Beyond: Two Souls Gets a Release Date, Along With Willem Dafoe

by Prima Games Staff

If there’s one actor we can’t get enough of – well, besides Jennifer Lawrence, duh – it’s Willem Dafoe.  The star of such films as Platoon and the original Spider-Man film, he lights up the screen with a good amount of intensity.

Dafoe is bringing his acting chops to Beyond: Two Souls, after months of rumors revolving around him joining the project.  The game, the latest project from director David Cage and the team at Quantic Dream (the same folks behind Heavy Rain), also features Oscar nominee Ellen Page in the lead role as Jodie Holmes.

In the game, Dafoe will portray Nathan Dawkins, a government scientist assigned to try and help Jodie with her powers – though things take a turn for the unpredictable soon after.

We’ve included a trailer for the game here (along with an interview with Dafoe), which also reveals the official release date for the PS3 title, October 8th, as well as details on a special edition that includes Steelbook packaging, behind-the-scenes video features, a soundtrack and downloadable goodies through PlayStation Network.  Your best bet is to get in a pre-order now – especially if you’re a fan of Dafoe.

And who isn’t?!  Heck, we even liked him in Speed 2: Cruise Control.  That’s saying something.

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