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Beyond: Two Souls Gets Multiplayer, Soundtrack Details

by Prima Games Staff

During Gamescom this week, some new details for Quantic Dream’s upcoming Beyond: Two Souls emerged, and fans will definitely want to take notice.

The first is the new multiplayer set-up. Over the course of the game, two players will be able to take part, with one controlling Jodi and the other controlling her spiritual ally, Aiden. David Cage, president of Quantic Dream, announced that an app called “Beyond Touch” would be introduced with the game, corresponding with on-screen actions using a blank touchpad. You move your character by sliding the finger around the screen, and perform actions when necessary.

In addition, Cage also revealed the composer behind the game’s soundtrack. Hans Zimmer, composer for such movies as the Dark Knight trilogy and Inception, will team with Assassin’s Creed III composer Lorne Balfe to produce the orchestral score, which features two hours of original music.

“We believe that with the addition of Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe, and now Hans Zimmer with the soundtrack – we were really looking for the best, most talented people out there to create the emotion in Beyond, and we have a beautiful soundtrack in the game,” Cage said.

Beyond: Two Souls releases on October 8th for PlayStation 3.


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