Beyond: Two Souls Demo October 1st

Try the new Quantic Dream game before you buy.

Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls has been a long time coming, but next month, we’ll finally be able to experience the bold new adventure from the creators of Heavy Rain. In fact, you’ll get an opportunity to try it before release, as Sony announced that a demo is on the way.

In the demo, you’ll be able to try two scenes from the game, including one where you play a very young Jodie as she takes part in an experiment at the Department of Paranormal Activities, then switch off to her spiritual companion, Aiden.

For the second sequence, you play as a much older Jodie, fighting her way through a government ambush and occasionally calling upon Aiden to provide some spiritual backup, in the form of possession and interacting with objects.

The demo will arrive on the PlayStation Network October 1st, though some folks will have “opportunities” to get it sooner on the 24th, possibly through giveaways. We’ll let you know once we have more details.

Beyond: Two Souls releases October 8th for PlayStation 3.

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