100 days ago, the group A Better Ubisoft gave a list of demands to the company’s leadership in an effort to improve a toxic work environment. This was following several reports from within various Ubisoft locations about myriad workplace issues from abusive management to sexual harassment.

Today, fed up without a real response, A Better Ubisoft is asking the public for help.

A Better Ubisoft Group Launches Public Petition to Force Company Action

The group’s social media account dropped a Google Forms link that anyone can fill out, in an effort to petition Ubisoft to have this desired conversation. You can check out today’s tweet below:

And for a refresher on the matter, A Better Ubisoft posted an infographic of the group’s demands, check it out:

The demands are as follows (directly quoted):

  • Stop promoting and moving known offenders from studio to studio, team to team with no repercussions. This cycle needs to end.
  • We want a collective seat at the table, to have a meaningful say in how Ubisoft as a company moves forward from here.
  • Cross-industry collaboration, to agree on a set of ground rules and processes that all studios can use to handle these offenses in the future.
  • This collaboration must heavily involve employees in non-management positions and union representatives.

And for those of you in our readership interested in checking it out, here’s a link to the survey. In contrast Activision, which has become a flashpoint for events like this, has responded to the matter quite differently.