Bethesda Honors Late Starfield Fan With Touching In-Game Tribute

Bethesda has gone above and beyond for a fan who left too soon.

Life is a very fickle thing. As time continues to tick forward, those who don’t deserve the harsh realities of the world seem to be the ones hit the hardest. Reddit user Mralexhay had expressed his sadness that he wouldn’t be able to partake in the world of Starfield, leading to a community outpouring of support for a kind soul, and Bethesda has taken note of his lost battle with cancer by offering a sweet memorial to him in their latest game.

Post from r/Starfield by u/Mralexhay

While user Mralexhay is no longer with us, his legacy and well-wishes for all players to enjoy Starfield live on forever within the digital realm. Discovered by players, Bethesda Softworks decided to add a touching and heartfelt easter egg, available to find within the game itself, to honor the legacy left behind by the gamer.

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The r/Starfield community is hard at work developing ways to honor the late Alex Hay, as can be seen within this post on the Subreddit. From naming ships after him to exploring in his honor, countless players are ready to bring his memory into the Starfield alongside them on their adventure through the galaxy.

If you’re hoping to find Alex’s note in Starfield, you’ll need to embark into the vastness of space and dock at the Eye, the location where you find Vladimir. Once you enter, take the first right down the hallway that you can, and you’ll spot Alex’s note on the bench. We’ve included a step-by-step location in the photos below.

As we push through the Galaxy in our separate quests, make sure to take a moment and honor the fans who did not get to come along for the ride.

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